A summer with coronavirus

Summer is coming and temperatures are rising. How can this situation affect the pandemic that plagues us? What will happen to the pools that we usually go to at this time? Can air conditioning spread the disease? This and other questions are what we are going to develop.

As for the increase in temperatures, it seems that we have been under the illusion that the heat will end the virus. More if possible after listening to Donald Trump, who predicted that the virus would end in April in the heat. This is not to be considered, as he also suggested that injecting disinfectants was a solution.

A positive influence of high temperatures on the spread of the virus cannot be ruled out

The truth is that if we see the curves of new cases of countries in the southern hemisphere that have an inverse climate to ours, They are currently in autumn and temperatures are falling. In them, the number of cases is increasing. It seems that the epidemic started in a more subdued way, but other reasons cannot be ruled out, such as the infection coming later. However, countries like Australia or Chile have not had a negligible number of cases or deaths, but nothing to do with Italy or Spain. We will have to see how the pandemic evolves, but a positive influence of high temperatures cannot be ruled out.

Beach or pool?

Something many people ask is whether this year they will be able to use their community pool or will be able to go to cool down in any of the public pools in towns or cities. There are several studies and a report from the CSIC that show that the chlorine acts as a disinfectant, deactivating the virus. Also salt water does it in a similar way. At least we'll be safe diving underwater.

It seems that in spas and saunas the same will happen, since the disinfection measures of the water also apply and the high temperatures deactivate the virus. Instead, it will not be possible in small pools, lakes or rivers, where the water is not treated. Logically, we must follow the recommended social distancing measures, since any infected person can transmit the virus to us. Consideration is being given to establishing slots in public bathing places for people most at risk.

The air conditioning

Many people are asking about air conditioning. A few days ago we were able to read a case of spread in a restaurant in China through air conditioning. We have to differentiate between air conditioning in buildings, such as hospitals where there are special filtration systems and where air flow is controlled so that it does not go from potentially infected to “clean” areas, and there are even areas with negative pressure so that air cannot escape, such as operating rooms or ICU boxes. In these centers there are technical services in charge of correct maintenance. The air conditioning in our homes can be safe, According to various studies, if we adequately maintain the system filters.

Mask duration

If you have a surgical mask or hygienic, those recommended for domestic use, a maximum continuous use of 4 hours. If it deteriorates or gets wet it can lose its effect and it needs to be replaced. If you have a FFP2, such as those distributed by the Community of Madrid, its duration is 48 hours of continuous use. That is, when you use it, do not throw it away, keep count of the time of use until you approach this figure. The truth is that in hospitals, at the beginning of the epidemic, due to the shortage of material, we have used them longer in general. They are currently also available in many pharmacies and are easier to replace.

As to reusable face masks or household cloths, It is best to follow the manufacturer's recommendations in the first, and in the second case, use solutions with a disinfectant such as chlorine or bleach, for example, or subject them to temperatures above 60 degrees that deactivate the virus.

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