A study gives you away: you also urinate inside the pool (more than 225 liters)

With only a month to go before the summer officially begins, the desire for sun and begin to notice and, with it, our summer rituals: the aperitif, the ice creams, the beach, the swimming pool … And, precisely, this last one is the great protagonist of the scientific study carried out by the University of Alberta (Canada), in which they confirm an open secret. Yes, do not deny it, it is not an urban legend: you also urinate inside the pool.

Who more, who less, could intuit that the water of the public pools could contain remains of urine, but to date there was no exact way to quantify what approximate quantities could we find. A group of Canadian scientists has managed to find a method with which to carry out these calculations, based on an element that is found in almost all processed foods that we ingest.

Its about E-950, also know as potassium acesulfame, which is nothing more than an artificial sweetener that is part of the products we eat. The great advantage for scientists is that we expel him without modifying through urine, which allows them, thanks to a simple water analysis, to know how much has been urinated in the water. How? Doing an average of how much E-950 there is in the urine and doing a simple calculation to get an estimate.

And the data has surprised both locals and strangers: the experts analyzed several public pools in Canada for three weeks and the results were surprising. On average, 225 liters of urine were found in each of the Olympic swimming pools, an amount that implies that tens or even hundreds of people had their needs in the water, especially considering that each person urinates on average between 800 to 2,000 milliliters up to date.

Going to the cold data, it is true that 225 liters are a huge amount of urine, which confirms that many people decide to micturize in the water instead of leaving the pool and do it in the bathroom. But it is no less true that if we take into account that an Olympic pool, in which the tests have been carried out, has more than two million liters of water, the percentage of urine in the water supposes just over 0.01 percent of the total.

Avoid a shower

The data obtained by these Canadian experts are confirmed by another survey conducted by the Council of Health and Water Quality of the United States, in which they interviewed more than 3,100 adults to learn their customs. As well, More than 40% of the interviewees confirmed that they have urinated in a public pool when they were no longer children, while 51% confess that they have taken a bath to save themselves a shower and, thus, clean sweat.

In spite of the eschatological results, the good news in the bad is that the urine does not represent any harm to the health of the rest of the bathers, although tests are being carried out to confirm if some chemical products used for maintenance could lose part of their effectiveness due to their action. But whatever it is, a reality is clear: no matter how hard you try to deny it, the data confirm that you also urinate in the pool.