A man survives a month in the cave of a bear: the last lie that went viral

Alexander I had gone for a walk in the mountains. It seemed one more day in the Republic of Tuvá (Russia), in which the sun invited to go outdoors, but this middle-aged man could not even imagine what he was going to find: in the middle of the walk, in absolute solitude and surrounded by nature, a brown bear appeared to meet him. He tried to flee, but the powerful animal captured him with great ease … a month later, the story was going to have a turn. As much as it is false.

When this Russian man discovered that there was no possibility of escape, iHe tried to defend himself as he could from the attacks of the bear. But the animal, close to 2.30 meters high on its two legs and close to 300 kilos, soon did with him what he wanted. In one of his first blows, he broke his spine, left the man immobile: from there, the animal seized him with his powerful jaw to drag him to the inside of the cave.

Thirty days after the brutal attack, a group of hunters was walking around the area. When they reached the height of the cave, his dogs did not stop barking upon arriving at the entrance. Despite the attempts of the men to drag them to continue on their way, the continuous barking of the animals caused the hunters to decide to explore the interior of the grotto. When they reached the bottom, they saw the mummy of a man … who was moving!

They could not believe what they were seeing, because he was a middle-aged man completely famished, with very serious wounds on his body and even with a space of rotten flesh, but he was still alive. When they asked him, the man only remembered that his name was Alexander, who had been locked there for many days, where a bear had hunted him and used him as food, no possibility of walking through the injury what the animal had caused him.

The hunters picked him up and took him to the medical services, where he is recovering from his serious injuries. The back injury prevented him from walking, so he could not move to flee or to look for food, confessing that he survived by drinking his own urine. When he arrived at the hospital, the experts analyzed the brutality to which the man had been subjected and they could not understand how he had been able to stay alive.

"Local doctors say they can not explain how he survived such injuries," confirms The Siberian Times. The truth is that he had severe wounds and rotten tissue, something that Alexander himself explained that occurred as a result of the animal used as a food reserve, confessing that, from time to time, the brown bear was close to him and I ate some parts. Or, which is the same, I used it as if it were a food reserve.

A viralized lie

Such an incredible story it's not true. The first to notify was the spokesperson of the Ministry of health of Tuva, who said there was no record in any hospital in the area that this situation had occurred. Later, the experts pulled the information thread, until they came to the conclusion that it was a 'fake new': both its name as the place where the 'hunt' had taken place had changed over time.

Many media have given valid information with too many holes and few solid details. The experts consider that it may be a mobile joke that, at a certain time, someone took for good and decided to publish to really give a glimpse of something that even remotely had. The lack of data and information was one of the keys. Of course, a good Hollywood scriptwriter can use it to do the second part of 'The Reborn'.