A longevity expert explains how to rejuvenate with exercise

The human being has always been obsessed eternal youth and, although the legends ensure that the source exists and you can immerse yourself in it, the truth is that it has not yet been found anywhere. Instead, we use creams, snail slime or even cosmetic operations to try to look the same as when we were fifteen years younger. After all, we all know someone who It seems to be much younger and we envy a lot.

Miranda Esmonde-White, for example, is one of those people. She is 70 years old, but probably if you saw her on the street you wouldn't believe it; He doesn't move or look like a person of that age. Is ex-dancer gives all credit to the exercise, but not in the way that most people think of him. As explained in 'Today', there is no need for weights, treadmills, ellipticals or even yoga, as all this causes unnecessary injuries and stress on the joints.

The author of 'Aging Backward' prescribes a full-body routine in which they are used the 650 muscles and 360 joints of the human body, in a training, however, of Low impact. "This is a classic stretch," she tells about what she calls the Essentrics technique. "People want to alleviate aging with creams and surgery, but I'm more interested in the basics," he says. "There is a turning point when you turn 40, a decision that you must make from then on, are you willing to make an extra effort during the rest of life that you have left to keep muscle cells and avoid atrophy prematurely? "

But how can this be done? And, above all, why do people begin to feel the aging effects from 40? Even those who are fit and eat well notice changes from this age, but Esmonde-White explains that science has not yet been able to explain why. "Anyway, we can control the process," he says. "Our muscle cells we they keep young because they house mitochondria, which colloquially would be something like the ovens that they burn the fuel That gives us energy. Every time we move we have to turn to that energy, the mitochondria wake up and burn some of that fuel. "

You are not a super track, so you should not do exercises that could harm you. The low impact ones that include all the muscles are the best

The problem is that, with the current pace of life, people spend a lot of time sitting and with sedentary lifestyles. When you don't 'call' the mitochondria to give you energy you are more tired and not do you want to exercise, as in a vicious circle. "That is why it is important to understand that exercise gives you energy, does not take it from you or depletes you. Each body muscle account and it is important, you have to work them all, "he says.

What to do?

"Any exercise is better than doing nothing," says the ex-dancer. "But it's true that many people over 40 are they end up exceeding and injuring, that of 'no pain no gain' (without pain there is no gain) it's an extremely ridiculous mantra, stupid and irresponsible. Many injuries also come from yoga, and you should think that if not you lead a super-tennis life you shouldn't train as if you were. "

"During my classes we focus on working all parts of the body and in lengthening the muscles", he says." We never use weights, people already tone with their own bones. "As for the diet, he doesn't eat meat, but he does fish. He also doesn't take dairy products because they don't feel good, but instead he drinks a lot of fruits and vegetables. "I don't count the calories but I do try to be careful with my weight because I like sweets a lot. "As long as you follow the fountain of eternal youth, you will have to follow the advice of someone who looks much younger.