A healthy soda that also contains vitamins? Point: drinkable aloe vera

What how? But is aloe vera not used on the skin? Yes, its properties include its calming power, but this plant is also suitable for human consumption. In fact, it is usually included in juices and healthy smoothies to enhance its properties. But this time it has gone a step further, since the drinkable aloe vera has just become a real soda. We have discovered it by investigating among the foodies trends of this 2020. Among them we have found Forever, a package of aloe vera in soft drink format that seems to have become fashionable.

"All ingredients come from natural sources: pure aloe vera and vitamins extracted directly from fruits"explains Patricia Cerón, product manager of Forever Living, creators of the beverage and leaders in the production of world aloe vera." It only contains aloe vera, antioxidant, L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and acidulant. "

What benefits does drinking aloe vera have?

To understand why this drink has become fashionable, you have to take a look at the studies that have determined the properties of aloe vera. Among its benefits we find that:

– It can help improve digestion, as it contributes to the absorption of nutrients.

– It is a plant that has antiseptic and antifungal properties, Therefore, the possibility of intervening in good oral health has been studied. In fact, it is usually used as a remedy to overcome oral conditions.

– Aloe gel contains minerals such as calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium, chromium and zinc.

– It is also rich in vitamins, especially in traces of B12, vitamin A and folic acid.

The good thing about this drink? It does not contain added sugars, so it can be positioned as a healthy soda alternative. And although it is not yet possible to find it in physical stores, it can be purchased online.

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