A Harvard scientist affirms that “old age is a disease” and that it can be cured

It turns out that a Harvard scientist affirms that “old age is a disease” and that it can be cured. That is, humans have not yet found the correct way to prevent the effects of the passage of time.

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The scientist’s name is David Sinclair

He has a Ph.D. from the University of New South Wales, in Australia. Also, a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the USA. He has been researching aging for years.

His work has been recognized with many awards. He is even considered a celebrity and exceeds the 200,000 followers on Twitter. Therefore, each of his assertions usually has a large audience.

A recent study determined that humans could live 150 years. Sinclair, for his part, believes that can live without getting old. It has even created medicines and biotechnology patents for this purpose.

He is the author of the book Lifespan

A true bestseller. In its pages it ensures that the old age is not inevitable. In his opinion, the key is to understand old age as a disease. In his opinion, the key is in the activation of the so-called epigenome.

The epigenome is in charge of determine which genes are activated and which are not. Over the years, the epigenome loses information. As a result, genes are turned off and cells deteriorate.

For Sinclair, the exercise and proper nutrition activate the epigenome. However, he claims to advance in medications that help control this situation. You are sure that in a few years you will achieve good results.

Consider it a mistake to see aging as something natural. Thanks to this way of thinking, he has suffered from resignation on the subject. So, solutions are not sought to the issue of avoiding the damage of old age.

The battle against time is nothing new

For centuries it has been has sought to perpetuate youth. However, so far only a little bit of old age has been slowed down. Having a good quality of life, sleeping adequate hours and eating well are key.

For example, there are many treatments to reverse premature skin aging. Nevertheless, it is still not possible to control the passage of time and its changes in the body in its entirety, it is a pending issue.

The Sinclair approach is that aging must be seen as a health problem. Only in that way, we will make the effort to correct it. However, much remains to be elucidated; although progress is expected.

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Do you agree with Sinclair’s ideas? In a somewhat strange idea, since aging is considered a natural process.




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