A daily and simple exercise to lose weight and get fit

If you are a person sedentary or do you want to start doing sport, but you don't know how to get started in the world because you haven't done any kind of exercise physical, Nicola Addison, one of the top trainers in London, proposes an easy program valid for any age.

The duration is four weeks and every seven days the activities increase in intensity and duration (from 10 to 15, at 20 and 30 minutes a day), but the expert explains that "the first week can be repeated even more times, until you feel sure that you are able to move to the next level." At the end of the challenge anyone will be ready to perform any sporting activity.

"They are exercises for anyone, very easy to do even for people with obesity or older," he says Gianfranco Beltrami, sports doctor and professor of Sports Science at the University of Parma, at 'Corriere'. These movements pcan improve joints and muscle tone and constitute the starting point to gradually begin a path of fitness.


It's good to start the session every day with a warm up and then repeat 20 times each exercise with a 30 second pause between one and the other keeping the abdominals fully contracted. Once the training is finished (which should last about 10 minutes) it is good to cool the body correctly.

Although they say that the weekend is to rest, on Saturday you can do some family exercise like playing frisbee or dancing

In the first exercise of Monday, the first thing you should know is that in order to fulfill its function, you must execute it slowly, always avoiding momentum. Neck, head and shoulders they have to be relaxed and resting on the surface where you are going to do it, so that you concentrate the effort only on the muscles of the abdomen. For the second, fold to try to touch toes and for the third, do A bridge lifting the hips.

The next day you must walk for 30 minutes and increase the pace in the last 10 by moving the arms back and forth. While you do you must be able to speak but not sing (take the test to see if you are doing well). On Wednesdays you should place one foot in front of the other with arms perpendicular to the body. Clap at chest level and open the upper extremities as much as you can with your palms facing forward.

Another exercise you can do is stand up in front of a wall by placing your legs apart at the width of your hips and at the distance that your arms are stretched and resting on the surface. Do pushups without arching your back, keeping all the strength in the arms.

The rest of the week

Thursday is the day of burpees: standing, in a position similar to the firm of a soldier, we squat down and leaning our hands on the floor, we jump our legs back, until we are in a position of funds. We make a bottom and we jump back to squat. In another jump we stand up in a firm position and start again. The muscles involved in this exercise are the quadriceps, buttocks, abdominals, pecs and arms.

These movements can improve joints and muscle tone and are the starting point to create a habit

Fridays plays kneeling squats: It is nothing more than performing squats with jumping, pushing us to raise our feet from the ground and then fall into a squatting position, always taking care that the knee does not pass the tip of the foot and that the legs form an angle of 90 degrees. With this exercise we will work legs and buttocks above all. Be careful, you have to be very balanced to avoid falling.

And although they say that the weekend is to rest, on Saturday you can do some family exercise how to play frisbee, dance or create a garden and take care of it making sure you're moving for at least ten consecutive minutes. Sunday, indeed, rest day because The body needs it for the creation of muscle.