A company wants you to send a picture of your stool … for the sake of science

In the time of the selfies there are companies that need another type of photos of you and precisely some snapshots in which you will not be too favored. The company Seed, specialized in microbial health and working in collaboration with a start up that emerged from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) needs to 100,000 people take pictures of their droppings and send them… all for science.

The objective of this initiative, which Popular Mechanics tells us, is to help those people who have chronic diseases related to your intestinal microbiome, such as Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Seed wants to develop a new diagnostic tool for doctors which consists of a monitoring system so that the patients themselves can analyze and track their own ailment through artificial intelligence. All without stool samples, but simply through photographs.


"Every day you throw a toilet data gold mine. The color of your poop, its size, its shape and its texture. The consistency and frequency with which you go to the bathroom can also provide information about your general health status", Explain Ara Katz, one of the co-founders of the company.

"Every day you throw a data gold mine down the toilet. The color of your poop, its size, its shape and its texture"

Seed is creating a "fecal" database that a team of seven gastroenterologists will examine minutely. The findings of these doctors will help train an artificial intelligence model that will be able to find and understand the same anomalies that doctors see in the pictures.

If you want take part, you can upload your photo, anonymously, to seed.com/poop and collaborate to improve the health of those who have chronic intestinal problems.