A caring dentist travels the world working for free "for a smile"

There are hundreds of millions of people worldwide who live below the poverty line. Many of them they barely have the resources to put a plate of food in their mouths a day, so that what for us are basic needs such as education or health are relegated to the background in a daily struggle to simply survive.

One of those needs is oral health: going to the dentist is something that many people have not done in his life and that translates into a lack of virtually non-existent parts or dentures, infections and diseases derived from the absence of hygiene in the mouth. But one person has decided to return, at least to a minimum of people, their smile.

His name is Felipe Rossi and he is a Brazilian dentist who has created an NGO called for a smile (for 1 sorriso). Rossi and his little team they travel all over the world working for free in communities of extreme poverty and who do not have sufficient resources to be able to afford dental treatment.

For a smile

Rossi has explained to R7 News that "the country with the largest number of dentists in the world also has one of the greatest social inequalities. Millions of people do not even know how to sit in a dentist's chair." Only in Brazil is it estimated that more than 20 million people have never visited To a dental professional.

Felipe Rossi, who is now 38 years old, decided that he wanted to change things, at least what was in his hand. That is why he surrounded himself with a small team of collaborators that accompanies him all over the world. performing from fillings to reconstructions, going through dentures or dentures, among other procedures.

The problem is basically economic: an expedition to the Amazon to treat for a week the most disadvantaged people in this area it costs more than 5,000 euros, so they cannot afford to help as much as they would like. Most of their income comes through two Brazilian NGOs, although Colgate has also begun sponsoring the project.

Rossi explains that "I did not study dentistry to take care of teeth, but to take care of people. It's time to wake up, it's time to smile"Whoever wants to help this beautiful solidarity initiative can do so through 'Sorriso Solidário', paying a monthly amount of between 10 and 200 dollars.

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