A businessman spends a million to try to live 180 years: "Someone had to do it"

Dave Asprey traveled through Tibet in 2004 to learn to meditate. He worked as an information technology executive in Silicon Valley, the Mecca of technology companies, but his health was not good and he had weighed 136 kilos. During a hiking trail through the mountains they offered him a coffee with yak butter, a huge mammal that lives in Asia. That was going to change his life.

Dave felt better after taking that concoction. Weeks later he returned to California and decided that was going to create his own version of that drink I had taken in the mountains. After years of experiments, Bulletproof was born in 2012, a brand that has become famous in the United States and whose base is to mix three ingredients: coffee, butter and coconut oil.

Bulletproof sells those three 'magical' ingredients with which Dave Asprey has become a new person. The businessman explains to the BBC what happened when he first tasted this brew in the mountains of the Himalayas: "After taking it I realized that my brain felt better"Since he started drinking it daily, he lost 45 kilos and says he has become a new man. now he plans to live until he is 180 years old.

Live 180 years

Asprey does not think it's impossible. He has called himself "the world's first professional biohacker"Since he wants to hack his own body using existing science and technology. And he has been doing it for years, with treatments that some would describe as madness and that, at the moment, have led him to spend a million dollars: "Somebody has to do it and I I'm willing to die trying"

To try to live more than twice the normal they extract part of the bone marrow every six months. This way he obtains stem cells that are then injected again throughout the body. In addition, he spends part of the day in a cryotherapy camera, using nitrogen to cool your body. And to complete the 'therapy', receive "bathrooms" of infrared light and electrodes are placed on the head.

The basis of your well-being is that mixture of coffee, butter and coconut oil. He says that before "I had arthritis in my knees and chronic fatigue syndrome. He had cognitive dysfunction and was at risk of a heart attack. I was pre-diabetic and I felt very bad all the time. I managed to change all that. "

I had arthritis in my knees, chronic fatigue syndrome, cognitive dysfunction and I was at risk of a heart attack. I managed to change all that

However, not everyone agrees with their magic recipe. Aisling Pigott, nutritionist and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, notes that "I would never recommend the Bulletproof coffee, because it has extra calories and fat without providing any other nutritional value. There is no benefit in adding butter to coffee. "

For Jonny Forsyth, a market researcher, "the science behind the health benefits of the product remains unclear, but it has a powerful narrative for consumers." That is what has led him to success and to earn millions of dollars that he now wants to invest in living for 180 years. Is conviced: "I do not think it's science fiction"