A boy was forced to walk 50 km in the cold to get a place in school

Academic inequality continues to be a worrying reality, however, there are children who manage to overcome this difficult reality.

Last update: August 26, 2021

The difficulty for children to access education is a reality that is increasing more and more. The main factors are the violence that occurs in the territories, the lack of economic resources and the long journeys that have to be traveled on many occasions.

The bleak panorama was reflected by UNESCO in 2019, since in its databases it was visualized that 260 million children could not study. In this way, they deduced that inequality continues to be one of the broadest problems of today.

The story of a Kenyan boy is one of the most accurate demonstrations of all the inconveniences that many have to defeat to reach a classroom. Here we tell you all the details.

A child's race against time and adversity

George Masinde, a 14-year-old boy, was one of the African children who did not have the resources to pay for secondary school. However, by their own means He was determined to go find a place in one of the most important institutions in Kenya.

It all started when he talked to his neighbors and heard that a school had opened enrollment, but it was running out very quickly. That way, the next day He did not hesitate to wake up at 3 in the morning and start a 50 km walk.

This, since in their home they did not have enough money to pay for a bus. Well, even though her parents had a job, they only had enough to buy a few servings of food.

Thus, the only solution that remained was to walk the streets that had a sub-zero climate and several dangerous animals. Nevertheless, He never gave up and was able to reach his desired destination early in the morning.

Photo by Richard Sokoh.

"He arrived shivering from the cold and asked me to let him study here"declared Godfrey Owuor, rector of the institution.

In that way, the child was encouraged to explain his situation and managed to find the ideal support to continue with his studies. As a result, he continues to prepare today in the hope of building a brighter future.

The story went viral because it was revealed on the country's television channels. The intention of this action is that more and more people are encouraged to support low-income children to bridge the gaps.

The current landscape of education

The pandemic is a phenomenon that has finished aggravating academic inequality. This, since apart from the children who were without studying, all those who do not have a technological device to follow the virtual classes have been joining.

That way, day by day it is essential to help spread the word to begin finding solutions to counter this global concern.