95-year-old woman managed to recover from COVID-19 infection

COVID-19 is the first pandemic of the decade and hardly spread in the first quarter of the year throughout the world. This virus has forced millions of people to remain isolated to avoid contagion and try to stop its spread.

Countries like China, Italy, Spain and the United States have been very affected. Among the biggest warnings that have been generated in relation to this virus, is that it is highly dangerous for people over 60 years of age and patients with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

However, some good news has emerged from this terrible circumstance, such is the case of a 95-year-old woman who managed to overcome COVID-19, against any prognosis.

A story of hope amid the pandemic

Alma Clara Corsini, 95, from the Italian province of Modena, presented to the hospital on March 5 with typical symptoms of COVID-19 infection. From that day on, she was admitted to the Pavullo hospital where she was connected to a respirator.

Fortunately for Alma, his body had the necessary resistance to fight the virus very efficiently. The patient did not need antiviral therapy. Thanks to her excellent evolution, 15 days after entering the medical center she was discharged.

Alma's recovery has been a great joy for the hospital staff and has touched thousands of people in Italy and the world. Thanks to its history, many feel that it is possible to win the war against this pandemic that has surprised everyone.

In this way, Alma Clara Corsini has become an inspiration for a country where thousands of people have died from the coronavirus. Likewise, its history and its will are recognized today throughout the world, which needs to know more and more survivors and hope.

The elderly are the most affected population, with the highest probability of mortality. So Alma's case is rather unlikely, but fortunately it was not the only one. At least two elderly people over 90 are known to have also won the battle against the virus.

In the midst of the crisis the Italian health system is going through, each discharge from the hospital represents a triumph for the staff that is exposed day after day. In this spirit, the staff at the Pavullo Hospital in Italy were excited and proud of this achievement. Thus, the care team decided to take some photos with the patient and share them through their social networks.

It didn't take long for these images and their story to go around the world. It is clear that all people everywhere need to read more news like this. At the same time, this story invites us to ask ourselves, how did he achieve such good health.