9 tips to avoid feeling bloated during the morning, afternoon and evening

If some days you wake up with the feeling that your body, and particularly your abdomen, is swollen, You should know that it may well be something temporary or be a consequence of your daily habits.

These are nine tips that you can apply at different times of the day to combat swelling or prevent it, if you have been dealing with it for quite some time.

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Warm water with lemon

Warm water with lemon activates your digestive system and prevents swelling of the abdomen. If you do not like its taste, you can have a tea with lemon.

Avoid dairy

Some people feel a little swollen when they start the day with cheese, cream, yogurt or some other dairy. If you notice that this happens frequently, avoid these foods in your breakfast.

Detoxify with a yoga session

The contortions and stretches you perform during a yoga session help you detoxify your body by activating the digestive system. There are some yoga routines prepared specifically to activate your body in the mornings.


Come quinoa

Quinoa provides energy and proteins, but also the fibers and potassium that help fight body swelling. If you prefer, you can have a salad with quinoa at lunch.

Eat a snack rich in fiber

Many people do not have the habit of consuming foods rich in fiber. However, this is one of the keys to feeling full, energetic and free from bloating. The ideal is to consume 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day, and you can reach the goal with sandwiches such as avocados, raspberries, chia seeds and pears.

Take it easy

Eating too fast can cause air to get trapped in your system. Ideally, chew slowly to minimize swelling caused by excess air entering the body.


Avoid alcohol

Whether it's wine or a cocktail with friends after work, alcohol can make you feel bloated immediately after or the next day. In addition, it can cause digestive problems, and sugar from sweet drinks can generate heaviness.

Skip the dessert

Fatty and sugary foods can cause bloating, just like those that contain artificial sweeteners. Skip sugary desserts and loaded with carbohydrates. Instead opt for fresh fruits, which are high in fiber and water.

Have an anti-swelling tea

Spices such as cinnamon and ginger help cleanse your system, so taking a cup of detox tea can do your organism really well. Here you will find some options.

As a general rule, try to drink plenty of water throughout the day, correctly measure your rations, and, believe it or not, avoid chewing gum. This makes you swallow more air.

What do you think of these solutions against swelling? Have you tried any? Tell us in the comments.

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