9 styles to show off the mustache

From the horseshoe design to the chaplain, mustache styles are very diverse. Now that they have become fashionable again, we bring you a catalog to choose from.

Last update: December 21, 2021

In the last decade, male facial hair has become very popular, which is why many styles of mustache exist. Furthermore, the trend towards hipster It has catapulted its use, which has led to the creation of specialized beauty salons.

Along the history, the mustache has become a hallmark of the manly. The acclaimed 1920s witnessed this. Then in 1980, men wore it with a more carefree aesthetic.

And it is that the mustache trend goes beyond showing a precise design and cut. The movement movember is an annual initiative that invites men to grow a mustache to raise awareness among the male gender about some health problems, such as prostate cancer.

Mustache styles for you to try

There are a wide variety of mustache styles. But nevertheless, the most important thing is to choose one according to the shape of the face.

And while growing it out is the most common part of any design, there are always tools and techniques to help you look your best. Let’s see.

1. The handlebar

This is one of the styles that best suits all face types. It was very popular in the 70s and 80s and its design consists of keeping the midpoint (under the nose) short and the corners long, to make them a kind of upward curve, as if it were a curl. To achieve this, the entire mustache is combed and then the ends are curled with wax.

The handlebar is one of the classics among the classics, with its easily identifiable design.

2. The walrus

Long and bushy, the walrus mustache has been the protagonist of cowboy movies, as well as artists like Sam Elliot and John Lennon. Its main characteristic is that it hangs over the lips and does not have a precise linear cut. Its cut can be done with scissors and does not require continuous treatment, since its logic is that it looks very intentional.

3. the chevron

This is a more subtle and neat alternative to the handlebar or walrus, as it does not hang over the upper lip and is carefully cut. What’s more, has the advantage of balancing facial features. Also, one of the keys to obtaining it is to have a good thickness of hair and to let it grow to a considerable length.

4. The beardstache

As the name implies, it is a middle ground between wearing a shaved beard and a classic mustache. The key here is to have a uniform hair that frames it, so it is a design that adapts better to dark hair.

5. The pencil

This type of thin mustache was one of the most used features by the gentlemen of the 30s and 40s. Its design neatly runs along the top of the upper lip to leave a wider space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the mustache. Another detail is that it does not require a lot of hair.

6. The horseshoe

His name has been given because this mustache looks like a horseshoe upside down. It is thick, with vertical hair extensions to the sides. In the same way, it covers the lips and the tips reach the level of the chin. One of its best representatives is the actor Hulk Hogan.

7. Goatee mustache

A combination that is born between a simple and short mustache together with hair on the chin. The idea is to keep both parts polished and in no time letting them come together. What’s more, It is necessary to completely remove the beard to avoid that these look untidy.

8. Slim mustache

Also called leading man, this is a design that requires care and constant cutting. It consists of a very thin fringe of hair that stands out at the top. It is short in length and always meticulously groomed.

9. The chaplain

Its greatest symbol is actor Charlie Chaplin. This mustache consists of form a square in the middle of the upper lip. The figure is marked with good scissors.

Tools to maintain the mustache

Choosing the correct mustache style is only part of the task. Shaping and maintaining it are other ingredients. Let’s see what tools will facilitate the task.


Wax is an essential product to maintain the style of certain types of mustaches., especially those that need definition or that have greater volume. One of its benefits is that it is designed to shape hairs and hold them in place all day, without leaving any shiny or sticky traces.

Hair comb

Another key tool for keeping the design as it should be is the comb. It is used to spread the wax or comb the mustacheas it works great for keeping loose hairs at bay or cleaning the mustache after a meal.

The barbershops were reborn with the concern on the part of men in maintaining the aesthetics of facial hair.

Facial scissors

The ideal solution for unruly hairs is scissors. It is a perfect tool to polish the edges and to avoid unwanted hair.

Choose carefully between the different styles of mustache

The beginning of every mustache is in its growth. However, it is advisable to choose a style that also adapt to the quality of facial hair you have. Otherwise, an unwanted effect will occur.

Before deciding to wear one of the previous styles of mustache, it is necessary to know what type of face you have (elongated, oval or square). The mustache has the power to enhance some features or hide others.

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