9 Movies You Must See If You Love Animals

If you love animals, you can’t miss these movies that teach us how they can change people’s lives and their relationships for the better. Browse the list we prepared for you.

Last update: 28 January, 2022

We know that the love between humans and animals transcends the barriers of time and space and becomes a universal language. This deep affection and mutual dedication have been reflected in different films What to see if you love animals. Throughout its history, cinema has been able to reflect this unconditional love in a look, an expression, a gesture or a scene.

Although there are many films that highlight the relationships that are established between pets and other species of the animal kingdom, we have chosen 9 titles so that you are ready to have a good cinematographic moment. Between movie classics and some newer ones, we invite you to get emotional, laugh, cry and learn how love between animals and humans is based on mutual understanding.

1. The reason for being with you or your best friend

The protagonist of this moving film is a dog who has to go through many lives and meet different owners. In each of them he learns how delicate and difficult human existence can be.. Coming to the end of film, the story takes a turn that reveals the power that love has when it knows no conditions or excuses.

It premiered in 2017 and stars Britt Robertson, Dennis Quaid and KJ Apa, among others. This dramatic comedy will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Dogs are protagonists of many films and emotional stories in the cinema.

2. Ok

This film is also from the year 2017 and has a clear message: that we become aware of the impact that meat consumption has on human beings. It is a co-production of South Korea and the United States that tells the story of Okja, a pig of enormous size that has become a major attraction for a company that sells meat.

Actors like Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal or Paul Dano bring this story to life that will make you reflect on the role that people play in the care and preservation of animals that are destined for human consumption.

3. My dad is a cat

Tom Grand is a man who has left his family behind to go into business. Shortly after buying a cat to give to his daughter, the businessman has an accident that puts him in a coma. His soul is trapped in the cat and the owner of the pet store tells him that he has one week to reconcile with his family, otherwise he will be a cat forever.

A story that teaches us that the family must come first. Starring Kevin Spacey, Robbie Amell, Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken, among others, this film French will shake your foundations.

4. Benji

benji is a reversal of the movie of the same name that was released in 1974. It is about a stray dog ​​who lives in a house that has been abandoned for 40 years.

Loved by everyone in town, he befriends two little brothers who are kidnapped at one point. benji will do anything to help them… can they be rescued unharmed with your help?

5. Gibby

Gibby, a capuchin monkey, comes into the life of a teenage girl named Katy, immersed in a depression caused by a significant loss in his life. She doesn’t feel like going to school, seeing her friends, or going to her gym class.

But nevertheless, her life will change after meeting her science teacher’s pet. He asks you to take care of Gibby, who with love will help you get ahead. It is a story that hints at the positive effect of animals on people who have no spirits.

6. White Fang

If we go to the cinema classics, we cannot fail to mention this 1991 film that It is a true tribute to the genuine friendship that can be established between people and animals. Based on the novel by Jack London, it tells the story of Jack Conroy (Ethan Hawke), who has to go to Alaska to resolve family inheritance matters. There he meets White tusk, a wolf who will become his great companion in adventures.

7. Always by your side

Starring Richard Gere, it is a film that will bring your emotions to the surface reflect the loyalty and love that a dog can feel for his master. It is based on a real story. In fact, there is a statue of the dog in honor of his perseverance and unconditional dedication to his master.

The protagonist adopts an abandoned dog and begins to write a story of unbreakable friendship between the two. It is moving to see how the dog waited for his owner at the station for him to return from work.

8. An extraordinary adventure

Also based on real events, this story reveals how, when people come together with good intentions, animals in danger can be helped. We are located in Alaska in the year 1988, when 3 gray whales are trapped under a thick layer of ice.

A journalist and activists from greenpeace They make a move that summons from oil companies to the US armed forces to help them. Starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski, it is a film that will keep you on your toes and will leave you a message that emphasizes teamwork in pursuit of animals.

Movies about animals are usually suitable for all audiences. Children can learn a lot about nature with them.

9. In search of a dream

This is a film that shows how the arrival of an animal in a family can rebuild and strengthen the bonds between the members. stall and his father have a very distant and difficult relationship. When the homeowner brings in a horse that is terminally ill to the point that they are suggested to put it to sleep, stall insists on trying to cure it.

What will happen to the horse? Will father and daughter be able to improve their relationship? We invite you to discover how this story ends, as tender as it is moving, which leads you to think about your own family relationships.

Prepare a movie marathon if you love animals

The films that have animals as protagonists are many and the messages that they leave us, too. Love, friendship, tolerance, perseverance and respect they are values ​​that can be shared with animals.

We have a lot to learn from them and there are actions we can take to provide them with a better world to live in. Have you already decided on some of these titles to start with?

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