9 mistakes to avoid when buying a sofa

Don’t buy a sofa without first making a floor plan or trying it out in the store. Otherwise, you will have a lot of headaches.

Last update: 23 March, 2022

Some experts say that the sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a house and therefore there are some mistakes that you should avoid when buying one. Comfortable, with a solid structure, good stitching and of course, one that fits the size and decoration of your room.

According to the interior designers, a large part of the budget should be spent on the purchase of a quality sofa. After all, he is the first to welcome you home after a hectic day. These parts typically take years to replace.

Mistakes to avoid when buying a sofa

Faced with such a significant purchase, such as the sofa, it is normal for doubts to arise. What should I pay attention to? Which will be the most appropriate for my room? We mark the path for you to buy the ideal sofa.

1. Do not make a map of the place

Take a tape measure, pencil and paper to write down the dimensions of the station where the furniture will go, without overlooking the location of doors and windows. It is best to make a freehand plan with notations of the distance from the floor to the windows and the directions in which the doors open.

With these measures you can avoid that, when the sofa arrives in the room, it seems very large or it may not be able to enter the place. In the store, the sofa may seem smaller to you, so it is easy to make the aforementioned mistakes.

Keep in mind that the stores are generally large and have high ceilings. On the other hand, it is important that you measure the removable parts of the sofain case you have them.

Sofas are pieces of furniture that add meaning to the whole of a room, if they are well chosen.

2. Take the sofa home, without trying it in the store

This point may seem superfluous, but believe us when we tell you that many buyers overlook it. Try a sofa before buying it it is only possible by going to the physical store. If you are one of those who usually take a nap on the piece of furniture or sit down to read for hours on it, you cannot skip this step.

Sitting down, lying down, touching the upholstery is only a small part of the buying process. You need to make sure if the furniture is very high when you sit down or that the back of it has a lot of depth. With this you check if your feet are hanging or not.

3. Use only price as a guide

For most of us, the price of the furniture to buy is important. But this should not be decisive.

The sofa should be seen as an investment and not an expense. It turns out that if it is of good quality and, in addition, it is properly maintained, it can be in your living room for 10 to 15 years.

Instead, Most cheap sofas lose their shape after a short time of use. Even its fabric can rip. Which means that in a short period you must replace it with a new one.

4. Not taking the time to choose the fabric

If you choose a fabric that does not suit your needs, the result is that you will regret it. What should you take into account? The use you are going to give the furniture and where you are going to place it. If it is for the living room, for example, it will be used more than the sofa in a bedroom.

Children and pets are another factor that you must take into account. The recommendation is to lean towards waterproof fabrics that can be easily washed. If the area you live in is warm, perhaps a breathable fabric is ideal.

Another aspect to consider is the color of the furniture fabric. Keep in mind that sofas can last for years and therefore changing their color requires more effort than painting the walls. Interior experts advise purchasing furniture in light tones, as they provide light and are easy to combine. You can even use cushions of colors, designs and textures.

5. Overlooking the height of the legs

It often happens that we forget about the legs. There are sofas without legs or with very low height.

And this detail is important when cleaning. The lower the legs, the harder it is to clean underneath. from the sofa. You will have to move the furniture if you want the robot or the broom to pass through it.

6. Not letting you advise

In physical stores there is always a team of experts who, depending on your needs, can help you find the ideal sofa. Listen to them, because their advice is free and very useful.

Salespeople always take into account the unique needs of the customer. If it is a long-lived person, a large family, if there are pets or children in the home, for example.

7. Do not add the shipping of the sofa

Make sure that the store where you will buy the sofa has shipping logistics that have security and guarantees in case of accidents. Find out about delivery times and cost.

8. Forgetting to ask about guarantees

Faced with such an important purchase, it is necessary to ask about the guarantees offered by both the supplier and the product itself. That is, how they will help you in the event of an unforeseen event. Who will respond: the supplier or the manufacturer?

If the store has a website, the reviews will help you to have a better understanding from the experience of other buyers.

9. Do not ask if they have experts for assembly

In general, the assembly of furniture should not be complicated. Most often it is about screwing the legs. But if the model of sofa you bought is a bit more complex, you may want to avoid inconvenience.

Some stores have professionals in the field of assembly. And they usually provide the service for free.

You can add color to a gray or white sofa with cushions in brighter colors, which are easy to change later.

Some tips that can help you buy a good sofa

Perhaps, making a simple guide with everything you need to take into account will be very useful for not forgetting the criteria. Let’s review how you can enrich it and avoid mistakes when buying a sofa:

  • Try an online research of the model you want. This way you will have good information about the style, sizes, height and overall depth
  • Ask about the interior quality of the furniture. In other words, if the frame or skeleton of the sofa is glued or assembled. Similarly, the type of material with which it is made. If it is made of wood, ask the variety and if the pieces are free of knots.
  • Check if the legs are integrated into the sofa or should be screwed. Keep in mind that the latter sometimes cause problems.
  • Question about payment facilities that the store and the furniture in question have.

Reduce mistakes when buying a sofa

What has been your experience after buying a sofa? We are sure that you will be able to have a successful sofa purchase if the text has caught on with you.

Keep in mind that high-end furniture manufacturers usually give guarantees of 2 years for the upholstery and up to 5 years for the skeleton. Sofas of this type usually cost a little more, but it will always be worth the investment.

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