9 mistakes to avoid when applying lip makeup

Whether for full or thin lips, makeup for this area has its tricks. Here we show you how to paint them properly.

Last update: December 26, 2021

The lips are one of the parts of the face that when putting on makeup can become the center of attention. Even so, applying lipstick is not the only step to follow, so it is necessary to identify what mistakes you make when applying lip makeup.

To be able to highlight them correctly, one of the main aspects to take into account is the shape of the lip. Also, consider hydration, as this factor can cause makeup not to adhere properly.

On the other hand, choosing the chord tones for each age is another of the necessary steps to make up the lips well. The oral perimeter is the area where the first wrinkles appear.

Mistakes you make when putting on lip makeup

The lips are one of the areas that, when putting on makeup, can transform and enhance a look. Your care should not go unnoticed.

1. Let them dry

A routine of skincare not complete without a lip scrub, which is essential to remove dead skin from this area of ​​the face. Then, it is recommended to hydrate them with a product that moistens and prevents them from drying out.

2. Apply matte lipstick

Although the matte finish is perfect for day to day, can lead to more marking of the folds on the lip. That is, promote the Barcode (wrinkles on the lips). This effect is also done by the gloss and lipsticks with a vinyl finish.

Choosing the right lipstick shade is key to avoiding grossly noticeable mistakes.

3. Not respecting the natural way

It does not matter if the way your lips end is in the heart or the upper one is bigger than the lower one. Trying to change the look of your lips with makeup it can give an effect contrary to the expected one.

4. Stop using lipstick

Lipstick plays an important role when putting on makeup. First of all, what it does is fill in and fix the pigments on the lip. What’s more, does not allow lip color to leak out of the corner of the mouth.

5. Forget the base

The base, also known as first lip, is a key product so that the lipstick sticks for longer, as well as to avoid the dreaded cracks. It should also be noted that this product makes the lipstick set better and without imperfections.

6. Wearing the wrong tone

Although red lips can look very beautiful, it is not a color that applies to all people. The shape of the face and the tone of the skin are essential when choosing. For example, cool tones work best on fair complexions, while medium or dark complexions work best with pinks, oranges, and deep reds.

7. Do not use a brush

This tool is not only for professional use, since brush allows more precise lip filling, without spending more product than necessary. Its function is to give a uniform result.

8. Apply more than it takes

Wear more lipstick or gloss than necessary can only cause the product to run and stain other parts of the face. The glossmeanwhile, it tends to be shiny and sticky, which is why only a small drop is needed.

9. Stop retouching

Although there are long-lasting lipsticks, after drinking some liquid or having dinner it will always be necessary to retouch. This prevents the product from smearing and your appearance from looking dowdy.

Ideas to make up the lips according to their shape

Lips vary greatly from person to person. Therefore, although there are general tricks to make up, the shape is one of the aspects that must be taken into account when applying color.

Thick lips

In this type of lips, excesses should be avoided. You have to outline the inside and fill in with a brush. In addition, shimmering tones or shades should be avoided. glossas this will only make them look bigger. Remember that this is one of the common mistakes you make when putting on makeup if you have this anatomical configuration.

With thick lips, be careful not to overdo makeup, as the effect can be counterproductive.

Thin lips

Everything here is about giving it volume. In this sense, it should be delineated outside the natural line of the lip and then filled in with a lip of the same color as the eyeliner pencil. To complete, you need to avoid dark eyeliners.

Avoid mistakes when applying lip makeup with this step by step

Although lipstick is the star product, putting on lip makeup requires following certain steps. Here is the process:

  1. Apply a fixing product all over the lip.
  2. Delineate the lip contour, following the indications according to its shape.
  3. Start with makeup at the corner and then apply one layer all over the lip.
  4. Fill in the edges with a brush from the commissure.
  5. Remove excess product with a tissue.

The cosmetics market has evolved and now lip products can contain hydrating ingredients that promise to hold for up to 12 hours. Even so, lip scrub should not be missed, which will give this part of the body more resistance against any external agent that may affect its appearance.

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