9 inspiring ideas to modify your clothes

That skirt from last season or that sweater that you hardly wear can be transformed into a charming piece. Modifying your clothes is one of the most practical solutions to give a new life to your clothes, as well as your style.

Backlog can be a problem and this results in a shorter product life cycle in the closet. Therefore, giving a new use to those garments that are sometimes forgotten has benefits, such as saving money.

Now that you know, it is time to update your clothes with fresh ideas that allow you to create looks attractive and modern. Take note and get to work.

Modify your clothes to give it a second chance

In environmental terms, repair the garments and reform them to give them a new use it is a task that contributes positively to the care of the planet. This taking into account that fashion is the second most polluting industry, which leads us to rethink how much use is being given to what we have.

Evaluating the clothes that are in the closet and classifying them according to their use is a simple task to detect which pieces may have a second chance. If you're looking for a pretext to experiment with crafts, this is a fun alternative to start with.

Ideas to modify your clothes

The concept do it yourself, also called DIY for its acronym in English, it has been one of the most striking trends in recent seasons. This is born as a consequence of wanting to cope with the slowing consumption of fashion.

Fast fashion and its derivative concepts represent a high risk of pollution for the planet.

1. Dresses turned into tops

One of the garments that are most stored are party dresses. For this reason, they are ideal pieces to modify them in two parts. The top one in a top and the second one in a flowing skirt that can be worn during the day.

2. Bows

This trick is great for adding a feminine touch to clothes. Get a silk or velvet ribbon and divide in two, tie each strip to one end of the blouse and then join them into a bow. It is recommended to do it in a blouse with a low back neckline for added subtlety.

3. Sweater skirt version

Sweaters that have a lower spring are the ideal garment to carry out this transformation. The first thing is to cut the garment in half, hem where the scissors were passed and sew. To use it just enough put the spring part towards the waist to fit.

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4. T-shirt bags

Spread the shirt and cut its sleeves; then trim her neck following the shape of an oval. Turn the shirt over and sew the straight edges at the bottom. Clever! You already have a bag.

5. New hems

Dare to show your ankles. Ask a tailor to cut your long pants to match and you will notice the change immediately.

Another way to do this is by folding the boot out or gluing on a rectangular patch of denim fabric of another color to create a nice contrast.

6. A skirt with a Jean

Transform ones jeans old men in a pencil skirt. You only need to cut the pants at the inner leg seam and in the middle of the back pockets; extend the pants to the middle and cut to the height you want the length of the skirt.

Machine joins the two sides through a curved seam and sew the front part only halfway to leave a small opening to the legs.

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7. Decorative elements

Turn a shirt collar into an object of desire. Use pearls or any other stone and sew them in the form of rain, that is, from largest to smallest quantity.

In addition, you can use lace trimmings to add to the sleeveless blouses or also calls muscular. All you have to do is turn the blouse inside out and then, on the sleeve, glue the lace.

Converting old pants into bags is a possible and even fun task. Not only do you save, but you contribute to the environment.

8. Tie dye

This is, perhaps, the most fun formula to transform any garment. Try to make the piece you choose white so that the effect is more striking.

To do the tie dye you need to spirally wind the garment and place a lot of rubbers around it in the form of nodules. Paint these with a permanent marker and then apply rubbing alcohol to the entire garment. Undress and see how it looks.

8. Men's shirt

Men's shirts are generally larger items. This is perfect for creating a girl's shirt dress.

Here the trick is to cut straight from shoulder to shoulder to create a type neckline bardot and then ask a tailor to add a spring to hold it in place when worn.

Modifying your clothes has no limits

The clothing has the ability to modify included. This is an advantage when considering a personal style change, since no need to invest in new clothes to look different.

In addition to the practical advice that we share with you, there are no limits when it comes to wanting to change the design of a garment. Everything is a question of making the imagination fly.

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