9 DIY ideas to furnish your rental bathroom

Renting a home is no excuse not to make that space a comfortable and welcoming home with your own style. Let’s see how the bathroom can also be an environment to enjoy.

Last update: 01 March, 2022

Even if you live in a rented apartment or house, It is your home and you should feel it as your own. For this it is important that you decorate each of the environments to your liking. The bathroom is no exception. This is why we want to share with you some DIY ideas to furnish your rental bathroom.

We are going to review what DIY is and why it is used so much when you want to do home renovations. You will see that with very simple techniques you can achieve radical changes in the rooms of a home.

DIY Features

One of the main features of the DIY technique is that hands are used as the main tool to work. It seeks to remodel, fix, build or improve the state of a room, a piece of furniture, a wall, etc.

To achieve this, knowledge and techniques of carpentry, electricity and masonry are applied, but without the need to resort to a professional. In other words, they are easy tasks, with few materials and low cost.

In addition to being an entertaining activity, it is very productive because allows you to use your free time in a useful way, while you save money by not having to hire special staff. Although it is not an activity that requires experience, it is important that you have some safety elements such as gloves, glasses and masks.

What can be done by applying DIY? Painting, gardening, decoration, basic carpentry and other more complex tasks that include electricity, mechanics and electronics. We all know our limitations, so we know how far we can go alone.

DIY ideas to furnish the rental bathroom

Now that we have a clearer picture of what we can do with this technique, let’s take a look at these DIY ideas to furnish your rental bathroom. Remember that they work as a trigger so that from there you can adapt them, according to the possibilities of your spaces and resources.

A toolbox is indispensable in DIY. There you have all the tools that can help you.

1. Save slots

There are never enough spaces to save. It is rare for bathrooms to have furniture, especially when they are in a house that is intended for rent.

In this case, you can add some tables that work as shelves to place the elements you need there, such as the roll of paper, soaps, towels and why not a small pot with a plant.

The idea would be to use a lightweight material for the boards and glue them to the tile with a high-strength glue. In this way you save yourself having to drill holes in the wall and you can take the shelves with you when you move.

2. Surface coating

With this option you can cover different surfaces and you will notice a change in the appearance of the bathroom:

  • Bathtub: place a faux stone liner on the outside of the tub. It is adhered with a special glue and the day you have to leave the apartment, you remove it and remove the remains of glue.
  • Flat: here we will use a vinyl floor that is very easy to install. The floor has to be waterproof and non-porous tiles, because the latter will absorb the glue and then you won’t be able to remove it.
  • Tiles: if you want a change, but not on a grand scale, then try some adhesive tile decals. You could also include the shower screen, furniture, and fixtures. The only detail that you must take into account is that the surfaces are not damaged so that the vinyl adheres evenly.

3. New or recycled wheels

If the available space helps, buy or renovate a bathroom cabinet is an excellent idea. The most important thing is that you look for one that is functional. Remember that, if the appearance of the furniture is not what you like the most, you can recycle it later at your whim.

4. Taps

By changing the faucet you will notice a big difference. They are items that you can take with you when you leave.

Installing them does not necessarily require professional help. We suggest that you keep your original faucets in a labeled box so that when it’s time to put them back, you won’t waste time looking for them.

5. Curtains

If you want to start with the simplest, then we go for the shower or bathtub curtain. You will see that there are countless models and the truth is that one does not know which one to stay with. The advantage is that they are very low cost and you can change it regularly so you don’t get bored.

6. Accessories

With just a change of accessories you can completely change the face of your bathroom. For example, try changing the towel rails and the soap dish. You could also put a cotton or vinyl rug on the floor.

7. Mirrors

Mirrors constitute a universe in themselves. If you already have one, don’t waste time and decorate it however you want.

You can use special glass paint and let your hand and imagination fly. You can also decorate it with adhesive vinyl. If the bathroom does not have a mirror, then take the measurements and order one to your liking.

The mirror is an element of every bathroom. Take advantage and decorate it to your liking.

8. Wallpapers and paintings

In addition to the decorative vinyl on the tiles, you can choose wallpaper for bathrooms and cover the entire wall. You just have to make sure they are removable.

Pictures are also a great way to give your walls your personal stamp.. Remember that it is not necessary to drill the tiles because you can fix them with a special glue. The advantage is that when you get bored, you change them and that’s it.

9. Plants

No matter the size of the bathroom, you have to place a plant to fill that space with life. Whether it’s on a stool, shelf or bathtub, you always have to add green to the place.

Depending on the light conditions, choose the species that are best suited. You could opt for those that get along well with humidity.

Cheer up for change with DIY ideas for your rental bathroom

Our first advice is that if you are going to modify something that involves breakage of any kind, talk to the owner before doing it. This way you will avoid having a hard time and economic losses if you have to leave everything as it was when you rented the house.

There are many decoration alternatives that They will allow you to renovate your bathroom with little money and a lot of imagination. The idea is that you live it and enjoy it as part of the home you have built.

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