8 ways to tone and reduce knee volume

If you have arrived here it is that your knees do not like you: you have them swollen and with excessive volume. However, if you are looking for a miraculous exercise to reduce them, wake up: it does not exist. The point is that "wide" knees are the reflection of something else more important: excess fat. So what you should do is abandon specific exercises and look for others that represent a comprehensive plan for your whole body. Although there are also foods that will help you deflate your knees.

Due to a genetic issue, women are often predisposed to 'store' more fat on your hips, legs and thighs. That is why your knees give you away and warn of a bigger problem. The passage of time and inactivity can make your knees accumulate tissue, also becoming an aesthetic problem. So before you banish shorts and miniskirts from your closet forever, look at all you can do for them.


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1. Choose high intensity exercises

This is perhaps the basics and the first thing to do to reduce your body fat percentage. Get out of your 'comfort zone' in the gym (if you are already going) and opt for exercises that make you sweat. For it, HIITs (high intensity interval exercises) will be very useful for you. Focus your exercise sessions on 45 minutes or less and take short breaks (barely 20-30 seconds) between series and series executed at high intensity. You will reduce fat like never before.

… And if you are one of those who 'run', change your style and do speed and endurance series, alternating also in short breaks. As we have said before, get out of the comfort zone and, if you have any doubts, consult a professional.

2. Go more

Go for a walk every day. At least Half an hour a day should be your goal. If you think that you cannot fulfill it because you don't have time, you deceive yourself: climb stairs, take a little detour when you get home or go to work, go for a walk …

3. Do specific exercises

One of the most widespread myths of 'fitness' is that muscle moves and replaces fat … We know this is not true, but we still insist on believing it. And is that fat cannot occupy muscle space. What is true is that, the more muscle, the less body fat. So the equation is clear: by toning the muscles of our legs we will be able to reduce the presence of fat in the area.

Squats and strides It should be your two head exercises. Run away from the gym machines (the typical contractors) and, when you master the technique, add weight to your routine. You will get scandalous legs (and knees).

4. Take less salt

One of the problems associated with fat accumulation is fluid retention. That is why you should reduce the intake of salt from your diet. Salt is a supplement to the diet that you can control very simply: start by putting less amount on your dishes and avoid precooked foods (they are especially salty).

5. Sit less

We live in a sedentary world. You will probably be reading this sitting comfortably on your sofa … Get up now! Every hour, at least five minutes: take a turn and if you can take the opportunity to stretch your legs.


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6. Reduces fried and 'trans' fats

If exercise is the basic pillar of healthy knees, diet is the foundation on which it is based. There is no point in 'killing' ourselves with exercise if your diet is not adequate. Cut down on fried foods and choose your grilled version. And it restricts processed foods to a minimum: industrial pastries, snacks … You know what they are.

7. More natural foods: fruits, vegetables …

If we reduce processed foods in our diet, we have to replace them with something: fill your shopping basket with more unprocessed foods: fruits, greens and vegetables they should be the main part of your diet, plus more lean meat, fish (blue and white) and eggs.

8. Drink more water, tea and coffee

Yes, detox smoothies and juices are a good occasional complement to purify our body … But on a daily basis we can also do a lot for it. Drink more water (if you exercise regularly you can get up to three liters a day) and include more green tea and coffee in your diet. The caffeine and theine they contain are powerful 'accelerators' in burning more body fat.

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