8 tips to improve independent thinking ability

Expressing and defending personal ideas in front of others is not always easy. If this is your case, don't worry! We bring you 8 secrets to develop your independent thinking ability. Do not miss them!

Last update: September 21, 2021

It is likely that you know many people who always agree with the ideas of others or, at least, it seems that, or people who differ from some other person's approach, but decide to silence their opinion. Conversely, some tend to express a different position and an innovative point of view. What group do you identify with? If it is with the last one, congratulations! You have independent thinking.

In this sense, breaking the "mold" of collective thoughts is a clear sign of leadership, autonomy and security. Undoubtedly, there are those who are born with this gift. Whether they are students, professionals or workers, they have gained ground, as their aptitude distinguishes them from the rest, encourages their free expression, gives them credibility and their contributions are often very valuable to the team.

However, those who do not have this ability highly developed have the opportunity to improve it. Would you like to know how? Keep your eye on the screen and take advantage of this article to the last line. Take note!

What is independent thinking?

Independent thinking allows you to be yourself-

Refers to the quality that a person possesses to process the ideas, beliefs or patterns of society and then take a position of their own. In this way, instead of copying what others think or being influenced by it, he makes a personal reasoning according to his upbringing, his experiences and his ideals.

Independent thinking is a clear sample of a well-defined, critical and free personality. Without a doubt, those who practice it are nonconformists by nature.

For many, this ability is a double-edged sword, since defending a single or minority approach can imply weakness in the middle of a debate. However, independent thinkers are not afraid to substantiate their arguments.

In your lifestyle, there is no room to support general thinking (if you disagree), even if this means less comfort, complacency and harmony with the rest. It is a question of coherence between what they feel, think, say and do! Is there anything more valuable than that?

Best of all, thanks to independent thinking, they increase:

  • The productivity.
  • Performance.
  • Efficiency.
  • The self-esteem.
  • Self-awareness.
  • The level of demand.
  • Personal skills.

8 tips for independent thinking

Yes OK the human brain is designed to recycle external information, it is possible to reprogram it in order to develop independent thinking. Relax, open your mind and consider these super useful tips for your daily life:

1. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

It sounds like a silly question, but the answer is more important than you might think. In fact, Self-knowledge is essential in the task of forming independent thinking.

It should be noted that the perception that each individual has about himself or herself functions as a limitation or a push when it comes to doing anything in life. Recognizing and accepting yourself as you are will allow you to improve yourself. Otherwise, personal evolution will be slow and frustrating.

For example, if you consider yourself shy, you know that, little by little, you will find strategies to improve your participation in interpersonal relationships. You will feel more confident to the point of justifying your criteria and debating with others without any kind of nervousness or embarrassment.

On the other hand, it is worth commenting that your environment does not define you. They can express an opinion about you, give you a compliment or a criticism, but this does not replace your self-esteem, which is only yours and is strengthened with the conviction that your skills are great, since they make you shine with your own light.

2. Explore!

Settling for what you know, have, hear, live … is not an option. It is essential that you nourish yourself with books, documentaries, workshops, courses, companies, trips, cultures and people. If you explore, learn and if you learn, rest assured that you will fill yourself with knowledge and key experiences for your growth.

It is interesting that point to things that don't match what you think. For example, if you are very religious, try reading a book on atheism. Equally, it would be helpful to go out for a walk and talk to someone older or from another political ideology; you will not lose anything.

On the contrary, this will help you to broaden your vision of the world and, why not, about yourself. Diversity is one of the benefits of life; makes it unique and surprising. By the way, independent thought will flow freely!

3. Give up limiting beliefs

From childhood, your parents, your grandparents and other leading figures instill in you what is good and what is bad. But is that the full truth? Well not quite. Like so many, you grow up with limiting beliefs that determine a good part of what happens to you.

Thinking that money is bad, that getting wet in the rain hurts you, that the woman cares for the man, or that you must work too hard to be "someone" are among the most repeated.

These programs do nothing more than chain you to a way of thinking and living that does not belong to you. From now on, decide to let go of what binds you, slows you down, stagnates you … Choose to be you and you will have freedom of thought. Connect with your ideas! Do you dare to start now?

4. Learn to listen

Listening is enriching and allows you to develop your independent thinking.

The opinion of third parties is decisive for some and insignificant for others. But in reality, it is as valuable as yours; he has as much right as you. As you see, one virtue of a good thinker is being a good listener. It is about respecting everyone's thoughts, not changing yours, or showing that you are right, or trying to transform someone else's mindset.

5. Question yourself!

This point could not be overlooked and it has a lot to do with what you just read. Two of the worst defects of the human being are stubbornness and intransigence. Be clear that independent thinking has nothing to do with lack of reflection nor does it force you to stay in the same position forever, without the right to change your mind.

It would not hurt to ask yourself this question when you see fit: "What if it were different from how I think?" If on the way you find that you were wrong, nothing happens! Acknowledge it and move on. That will make you a better person, braver, more humble, wiser, with an open mind, don't you think?

6. Go beyond the problems

Obstacles become perfect challenges to change the way of thinking. Consequently, When faced with a difficulty, work on different solutions than the ones you often assume. Discard the expected or predictable from your list. This technique will help you navigate an unfamiliar scenario and lead to a good result.

In addition, it works to move away from the situation a bit to look at it from another perspective. Thus, with a new perspective, lights will come to your mind that will clarify the panorama and will show you the answers you need at the precise moment.

7. Combine ideas that seem incompatible

Who said you couldn't try something new? The truth is creativity is a great ally of independent thinkers. Unleash it! Always think and do not dismiss ideas that seem not to mesh.

It is common to see that "incompatible" concepts arise great discoveries, projects, research … And yes, many times, they will end in nonsense, but, every now and then, they will become a hit with your personal label. Then, you will have created something unique and as yours as your fingerprint.

8. Persist for independent thinking!

Perseverance is on the VIP list of human values. The reason is very simple: it encourages you to achieve your goals and enjoy them much more. There is no point in giving up on the first try, or the second. Give time to time… Changing thought patterns is not a task that is completed overnight.

Get ready to grow!

Definitely, Independent thinking opens the doors to success in life in general: in school, at work, with your partner, friends and family. Thus, you can express yourself, generate creative products and get practical solutions to any inconvenience. This way of thinking has to do with personal fidelity and authenticity. Be you and show yourself as you are!

The fact that the family and the school, especially during the first years of life, play a fundamental role in shaping this type of positive thinking cannot be disputed. With less repression and more freedoms, they are capable of forming autonomous people from every point of view: intellectual, moral, emotional …

The journey will not be easy, as it implies commitment, but neither will it be difficult; you are prepared for this and more. As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said: "There is nothing permanent except change". Dare to transform your thinking, make it independent!