8 tips to drive away bats on the roof of the house

With this series of tips you will learn how to scare away bats from the roof of the house without causing them any damage. Just read on and pick your favorite method.

Last update: 01 March, 2022

With the arrival of warm summer nights, it is common to see bats flying over the sky. These small mammals related to rodents are more visible in rural areas, but can also be seen in urban areas. So these tips to drive away bats from the roof of the house will be of great help.

Bats, also known as bats, They are usually harmless animals and do not represent any danger to humans. On the contrary, it is considered a beneficial species for people and the environment, since they feed on fruits and flying insects, such as flies and moths.

Is it necessary to drive away bats?

Bats like to build their nests on the terraces of houses and old roofs. However, they can also take refuge in more problematic places, such as false ceilings, basements or between the blinds. And although it is true that these mammals are usually harmless animals, they can be carriers of serious diseases.

Bat bites are not common, as they usually stay away and avoid human presence. However, cases of attacks that can be dangerous have been reported.

Bats are considered a protected species in a large number of countries. So it is illegal and forbidden to kill or drive them away there.

So before following any of the useful advice that we will give you below, find out so that you are not committing any crime in your country. According to information from the Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), for example, bats are part of the country’s wildlife and are protected by the Hunting Law.

Tips to get rid of bats from the roof of the house

There are several ways to keep bats out of our homes safely and without causing them any trauma. They are easy to make and just follow each of the instructions.

1. Locate the nest of the bats

Before starting it is necessary to know with certainty where its nest is located. To find out, you can be guided by their droppings. These have a particular shine when exposed to direct light and contain a large number of insect skeletons.

When you notice that they begin to accumulate in one place, it is probably the place where they are sheltering. But be very careful not to have direct contact or inhale the excrement, as you could be at risk of contracting histoplasmosis. It is an infection caused by inhaling the spores of a fungus that is often found in the feces of birds and bats.

If you can’t find their droppings, you can look in their favorite places, such as facades, wall joints, old ceilings, broken tiles, chimneys or broken windows. Once the den is found, clean it completely without leaving a trace of any nest.

Old, broken or holey roofs are ideal for bats to make their nests.

2. Use mothballs

This white solid that volatilizes easily is also called white tar and has a strong scent that scares away bats and prevents them from returning to form their nests. It is an easy and cheap remedy that will keep these animals out of your home. To use it, make small bundles of straw and mothballs so that it evaporates more slowly.

At night, when these mammals have left the nest, place the package with straw and mothballs in the slot through which they are entering. When they return you will notice that they avoid going through the same place.

Remember that naphthalene also serves to repel moths and wasps.

3. Sprinkles water on their nests

If you want to cause them as little damage as possible, spraying water on the area where bats nest is a great idea. She first locates the place and during the day, while they sleep, she sprays water on their nests to scare them.

This will make the animals disoriented and fly quickly, but without taking any damage. You will have to carry out this procedure for several days, so that the bats know that it is not an accidental event.

4. Use specific repellents to drive away bats

There are repellents specifically formulated to repel bats and not harm their health. It’s just a matter of searching the internet for the right one and following the instructions for use to the letter.

Repellent used for dogs and cats can also be effective. It should spread to all the places and places where bats normally stay.

5. Buy an electric repeller

Bats are nocturnal animals. So they use most of the day to sleep and the night to fly and go hunting.

Nature has endowed them with a kind of radar that uses echolocation and allows them to avoid obstacles on the road at night. Electric repellents are a great option because they produce ultrasound waves, vibrations and electromagnetism that interfere with the animal’s echolocating radar.

Some of the main advantages of this system is that the use of products that can be toxic is avoided. Plus, it doesn’t leave behind strong or unpleasant odors and doesn’t require professional installation.

6. Take advantage of the light

Bats are light-sensitive mammals; this is why they are nocturnal and avoid light pollution at all costs. Installing a spotlight, reflector or any light source in the areas where they are nesting will generate a great nuisance that will naturally chase them away and prevent them from returning.

7. Install fiberglass

This alternative can be very effective, but represents a greater economic expense. Installing fiberglass siding on the roof will make it an uncomfortable place for bats to nest. This is because this material is not to the liking of these animals.

8. Get a bat shelter

If you want to moderate agricultural pests in your crop or control the amount of mosquitoes in the surroundings, bat shelters are perfect. These small constructions are ideal for keeping these animals safe and prevent them from causing nuisances in homes or inhabited places.

You can place the shelters away from the house to prevent them from forming their nests there.

The shelters are a friendly alternative with these animals, so that they continue to control the insects in a natural way.

You already know how to chase away bats

Although bats are usually harmless animals for humans and are necessary for the proper functioning of the environment, they can sometimes become a problem. Bat pests can cause disease in people who have direct contact with their droppings or with their bite.

It is important to point out that you can drive away bats, but never kill them, since they are a protected species and necessary for the ecosystem. So if you feel like there are too many of these winged mammals nesting in your home, don’t take any unnecessary risks.

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