8 tips to be a good neighbor

Are you coming to a new neighborhood and want to make a good impression? In this article, we will give you tips so that you can be a good neighbor and create good relationships in your community.

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Community life involves relating to people of various ages, thoughts, and interests. Having harmonious relationships with others, especially with those closest to you, is essential to build a peaceful and well-being society. Therefore, discover 10 tips to be a good neighbor and get along with the people who live around you.

If there is something important in life, it is having a good neighbor! Before buying a house or apartment, it is essential to inquire about the neighbors and know what kind of people they are. In this way, it is possible to know if there may be empathy and it will be easy to adapt to the place. In any case, despite the differences that may be had with them, respect must be the basis.

Although the current pace of life goes very fast and it seems that there are many responsibilities and little time, we must not forget to form good bonds with other people. In fact, experts point out that interpersonal relationships are a basic need for people and are part of the development of capacities.

Why is being a good neighbor important?

Maintaining a good relationship with the neighbors is vital for a peaceful coexistence.

Being a good neighbor allows you to create a pleasant environment in your neighborhood, in which there is tranquility, harmony and respect. Also, if you are a good neighbor, chances are that others will be with you. In this way, important cooperative ties are created. In case one day you need help with any inconvenience, you will know that you can count on your neighbors.

On the other hand, having prosocial behaviors is fundamental for human beings and their life in society. It is about those attitudes and actions that are carried out to benefit others such as cooperation, philanthropy or altruism. The University of Texas, and its Department of Ethics, notes that «those who act prosocial tend to be happier, healthier, and live longer.

Therefore, being a good neighbor is a “win-win.” In residential areas, especially in condos, it is essential to have emotional intelligence to avoid friction and conflict with others. Being a good neighbor also arises from the need to avoid discomfort, fights and hostilities. On the contrary, the idea is to have agreements, respect differences and achieve a harmonious coexistence for all.

Tips for being a good neighbor

Being a good neighbor implies having certain behaviors that respect the rules of coexistence established in the area, but also acting with kindness beyond the norms. Whether you are moving to a new neighborhood or have lived in a place for years, you can use the following guidelines to improve relationships with your neighbors.

1. Be nice

Of the tips for being a good neighbor, this is surely the most important. Kindness is essential to creating good relationships. In fact, it is advisable to introduce yourself to your neighbors from the beginning. In this way, bridges are opened to future dialogues and it is known who is the person who is living next door.

It is valuable that they exchange the phone number to get in touch in an emergency and whenever you see them, try to greet them. These friendly actions make the environment more pleasant. Plus, you never know when a greeting and a smile will make someone else’s day.

2. Take care of the common areas

Common areas are spaces for members of a community to enjoy recreational or sports activities, or areas for transit through the residence, such as the hall, the goal or the corridors. In these spaces, there may be gardens, flower pots, decorative objects or lawns. To be a good neighbor, it is essential take care of the common areas.

In each home, the owners can decide how they want to have their home. However, common areas must be cared for by all owners equally and generally have a neutral and uniform style throughout the property.

There are even condominiums or residential complexes that have rules on the uniformity of the colors and styles of the facades. It is important that you know and comply with those that are established in your place of residence.

3. Educate your pet

Having a pet at home is an increasingly common practice. However, not all people like animals in the same way. For this reason, It is essential to take care of the needs of the animals that you are in charge of and educate them to adapt to the norms of life in society.

In the case of dogs, it is essential to provide them with training that makes their behaviors appropriate for a life in community. For example, it is essential to teach them not to attack other pets, to ensure that they do not bark excessively and to make their excrements in the parks and not in common areas.

What’s more, it is essential to collect your excrement and deposit it in the right place. Likewise, it is necessary that you be strict with the vaccination and health of your pet. If your dog is of a breed for which the government requires special measures such as the use of a muzzle, you must comply with the protocols.

In contrast, it is also convenient to be understanding and understand that pets are animals and that barking is their way of communicating. In addition, they have different instincts and needs than human beings.

However, they also have a great ability to understand commands if given the proper education. Today, there are experts in canine education and behavior who provide workshops, courses, and counseling.

4. Open channels of peaceful dialogue

In interpersonal relationships, it is normal for conflicts to arise and more so when it comes to neighbors who may have tastes and personalities very different from yours. However, when a conflict arises it is essential and convenient to establish a dialogue that seeks the establishment of agreements in a peaceful way.

To do this, it is best to raise concerns or complaints in a respectful manner by speaking directly to the person with whom you presented / displayed the issue. If it is a mischief that children have done or a pet damage, it is also necessary to speak with the parents and owners, and not directly reprimand the children or pets.

If you feel that the problem is very serious and there is aggressiveness in the delivery of someone involved, it is advisable to seek external help. In this case, you can go to the council or the administrator of the condominium or residence. If it is something illegal or that compromises the integrity of a person, it is best to go directly to the police.

5. Avoid excess noise

Annoying noise is one of the main problems between neighbors.

Residential areas often have rules about the times to play music or make loud sounds that it is important to respect. In addition, if you do not do so, there may be fines or penalties. For a harmonious coexistence It is logical to respect the sleep and activity schedules of others.

On the other hand, many of the current constructions share walls. This makes noise from one home to another easily heard. For this reason, it is necessary to moderate with the tone of voice and the sound of electronic devices. It is necessary to apply the saying that says “do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.”

6. Notify when you are going to make repairs or parties

Another common rule in residential places is that repairs must be done within established hours and days, in order not to disturb the tranquility of the neighbors, especially on weekends. In this way, if you need to use the drill at home or make repairs that require loud noises, it is best to notify the neighborhood administration and comply with the established hours for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you want to have an important party in your home, in which you will bring musicians or many people will be there, it is also advisable that you inform the administration or your neighbors. This way, they will be aware of and better understand what noise is about. It’s a friendly way of explaining that you’re having a celebration and that they may hear more noise that day.

7. Be punctual with the payment of common expenses

There are times when expenses are often shared with neighbors. It is common to happen with students, who share the Wifi or energy services with your neighbors’ studios or apartments. Also, there are condominiums or buildings that have “monthly administration or community fees” that are used for the maintenance of common areas.

To be a good neighbor, making these payments in a timely manner is crucial. In case of delay, it is best to inform that there will be a delay in payment. Of course, you should settle the account soon and avoid having any late payments again. In addition, with this money, cleaning or security services are usually paid.

8. Do not invade the spaces of others

Don’t be the kind of annoying neighbor who occupies each other’s spaces out of carelessness or for their own benefit. Respect property boundaries and try not to bother your neighbors with your belongings. In case you need extra space, such as occupying a parking lot, ask for permission.

Also, try not to damage your neighbor’s property. If for any reason something like this happens, immediately apologize and ask how you can fix it. For example, if your pet damages something in your neighbor’s garden.

Respect the differences

Now that you have read the 8 tips to be a good neighbor, you may notice that these are simple and basic behaviors to have a healthy coexistence. In addition to putting them into practice, it is essential that you always bear in mind that each person and family is different.

Therefore, respect for others should come first when living in society, regardless of whether they share the same tastes, interests or ways of thinking. Respect is vital.

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