8 tips for tidying up the laundry room

The laundry room is undoubtedly one of the most important areas of the house. However, it is also one of the most difficult to organize and maintain in style. In this article we present 8 tips to organize the laundry room so that it is functional and pleasing to the eye.

With modern life it is common for the spaces in houses and apartments to be smaller and smaller. This creates the challenge of better organizing all areas, especially those such as the washing area, where there are many elements.

In it you can usually find the washing and drying machines, cleaning products, the ironing table and many implements, such as brooms, dustpans, rags and even the bins for recycling waste.

Achieving a correct organization in this space makes the laundry room does not break with the style of the rest of the house and become a place to hide. On the contrary, the ideal is that it is comfortable and pleasant, so that it facilitates cleaning tasks.

Tips for tidying up the laundry room

Different products and essential tools for cleaning are stored in the laundry room., wash and iron clothes. It is a place that tends to be neglected. However, there are a few tricks that can be implemented so that it is always in order.

The ironing board takes up considerable space and is difficult to organize in the laundry room.

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1. Space separator

Many apartments have the laundry area attached to the kitchen and with very small dimensions, which makes it difficult to wash, dry and iron clothes, since the odors of food are impregnated in the clothes.

Also, it can be unpleasant to see underwear and cleaning products from the kitchen, especially when you have visitors.

Therefore, implementing a room divider is a great idea. An excellent option is opaque glass because they can be cleaned easily and do not subtract light from the kitchen, as a wooden one could.

2. Retractable clothesline

Retractable clotheslines are an excellent option to optimize space and organize the hanging area very well, especially for small items such as underwear or stockings.

Their biggest advantage is that they can be extended to hang the wardrobe and collect when the clothes have already dried. Therefore, they are minimally invasive and do not obstruct space.

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3. Organizing baskets

The use of baskets and boxes is usually implemented to keep everything in order. They are very practical because they allow various elements, which without storing would look like a disaster, look organized. This is the case of sponges, brushes and even cleaning product bottles.

It is convenient to have baskets or boxes of different sizes and that retain a similar style. They can be woven in fique or fabric to give a bohemian touch, in a light and sober fabric to give elegance, in wood for a classic space or in metal for a more modern style.

4. Multifunctional furniture

There is nothing better than having a custom-made piece of furniture that has multiple functions and adapts to all needs. A great idea is to make a closet that will hold your washer, dryer, and countertops. Inside can contain a retractable clothesline.

Another option of multifunctional furniture, popular for its practicality, are those that have a folding table for ironing and folding clothes. They work great in small spaces.

5. Decorative jars

With the trend to eliminate single-use plastics, due to their negative impact on the environment, it is more common every day to find soap and cleaning products stores that allow refilling the containers themselves. Therefore, an excellent decorative tip is to buy pretty glass jars, which in addition to serving as storage containers, allow decorating.

A good tip is to mark these types of containers. This way you can avoid confusing cleaning products or causing accidents at home, such as dyeing clothes. You can store baking soda and vinegar in them, great allies in cleaning.

6. Laundry baskets

The baskets are essential elements to organize the laundry room. It is ideal to have one for clean clothes and another for dirty clothes.

Nevertheless, the one that eases organization the most is that of dirty clothes, because it allows it to accumulate while washing. They exist in different sizes and styles. Choose some fabric or with a decoration that you like and combine with the rest of the house.

If the baskets are impractical because you have a limited space, you can opt for some cloth bags with nice designs that allow you to store dirty clothes. These are best suited for storage in drawers or cabinets.

7. Assign a lost and found box

It is very common for objects to remain between the pockets of dirty clothes, such as money, personal documents, makeup, papers, toys, and food. Therefore, it is convenient to assign a box to store them and thus prevent them from being lost.

8. Optimize the spaces

Spaces above the washing machine or under the sink are often wasted. However, taking advantage of them has the advantage of efficient storage.

On top of the washing machine you can put some shelves and even decorate with elements, such as flower pots or paintings. Likewise, a piece of furniture can be adapted under the sink of the laundry room to store cleaning products.

The wash zones are important because they are used daily. Its proper organization makes life easier.

Advantages of having a laundry room

The laundry area is essential in any home because it is used daily. However, that this area is a separate laundry room provides many advantages and possibilities.

First of all, it prevents clothing from being impregnated with food odors, such as when connected to the kitchen. It also allows you to better organize cleaning products and makes drying clothes easier, especially when it comes to large items.

To choose the place where the laundry room will be located, a fundamental aspect is that it has good ventilation, sockets to plug in the electrical appliances and also taps for the water.

Be careful with cleaning products when tidying up the laundry room

After knowing some tricks to order the laundry room, it is important that you take into account the care in handling cleaning products, especially those with harmful chemicals.

A guide from McGraw Hill publishing house entitled "Housekeeping and Maintenance" points out the importance of read product labels to know their recommendations for use, its composition, dosage and warnings.

This must be done to avoid accidents or adverse reactions between products. Especially when there are children at home. Cleaning substances that can be dangerous, such as bleach or alcohol, should be organized in hard-to-reach areas to prevent accidents.