8 things you should always bring to the gym

Being in shape has become the priority of millions of people around the world. Training for aesthetic or health reasons occupies an important part in today's life, so you cannot start your routine without first knowing the things you should take to the gym.

Whether or not you have a track record when sculpting your body, it is common for basic mistakes to be made during the first sight gym. So that you do not fall into common places, avoid bothering the other attendees and you can get a good performance during the day, you can not stop reading the recommendations that we bring you.

Things you should always bring to the gym

The moment has arrived. You have finally decided to pay a subscription to a gym, you rearranged your schedule to make time and started reading some exercises with which to start the session.

If it is your first time, then you should pay attention to the following things that you should take to the gym.

1. A gym bag

It's a bit of a no-brainer, but gym stuff should be carried in a gym bag. The problem is that many people believe that it is better to carry them in the hand or use an ordinary backpack. Serious mistake.

There are several criteria when it comes to getting one; the first and most important is its size. You don't want, after all, to have to squeeze things together for lack of space, or to carry an oversized one with much of its interior empty.

This should be your starting point: choose a backpack whose size fits what you will be carrying. Try, at the same time, that it has an adjustable strap, several compartments, that it is waterproof and that you can identify as yours. Some models allow you to add distinctive patches.

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2. Sportswear

The second thing that you should wear yes or yes is sportswear. Shorts and a tank top from your wardrobe cannot be considered sportswear in any way.

You must wear clothes specially designed to perspire sweat and allow free movements. Some gyms even only allow the use of the equipment to those who are dressed appropriately.

If you don't have anything similar at home, then consider buying some clothes for the occasion. Although it varies according to the discipline you practice, you can equip yourself with the following set:

  • Socks sports
  • Underwear that facilitates perspiration (Women must wear a sports bra).
  • Headbands and wrists to absorb sweat.
  • T-shirt and shorts other than cotton. The best in these cases are garments with synthetic fibers. Fortunately, there are many alternatives on the market: lycra, dryan, tactel, gorotel, windstopper and else.

Attendance at gyms involves special equipment that facilitates activities and exercises.

3. Sports shoes

Even if you think so, not all athletic shoes are appropriate for the gym. Some may limit the type of activity you do. For example, if you practice spinning you need light and comfortable shoes.

The same happens with other types of footwear, such as those used for climbing or for running. It is true that in both cases they are sports shoes, but they are designed to be coupled to a specific activity. If you like to lift deadlifts, some weight lifting shoes are your best option..

If you do not have the budget to buy a model for each activity, then you can get a shoe cross training. Under this term are grouped those models that you can use in 2 or more disciplines.

4. An absorbent towel

Many gyms provide their own towels to avoid the typical carelessness of users, but since you will already be carrying a bag and you want a personal one, the absorbent towel is next on the list of things to take to the gym.

This will be useful to wipe excess sweat on your face, arms and legs, as well as leaving the machinery in perfect condition. Few things are as unpleasant as wearing sweat-soaked gear.

You can use cotton or microfiber towels; both are perfect for absorbing every drop of liquid. If you prefer, you can also bring antibacterial sprays or equipment to clean before and after you do your routine.

5. A bottle of water

Hydration is something that you should not forget when exercising. As in the previous case, all gyms have drinkers from which to access this liquid, although nothing compares to taking yours to avoid lines.

There are several criteria that you must take into account before choosing your ideal bottle. Avoid those made with toxic compounds and try, if possible, to make it a reusable material. The best thing is that it has properties to maintain the temperature.

The advantage of carrying your bottle is that you can have sports drinks during or after doing your routine. The habitual consumption of these can condition the results you obtain, so be sure to include them in your gym bag.

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6. Heart rate monitor

If you want to monitor how your body responds to each movement, then a heart rate device is a must. Of course, it is a tool that is not necessary to develop the routineAlthough fans of anaerobic or interval exercises find it very useful.

The monitors measure the rate of your heartbeat in one minute, so that you can know how your heart responds, taking into account the maximum heart rate (MHR). Your heart should beat between 60% and 80% of the MHR, depending on the intensity of the exercise you do.

There are different models; from those in the shape of a clock to those that fit at the height of the triceps. Choose the one that allows you to do the activity with the greatest range of freedom.

7. Personal hygiene items

Whether or not you decide to take a shower at the gym, you should bring some articles for body hygiene. Even if you do not perceive it, be very careful with cleaning or only develop exercises with low intensity, your body will inevitably sweat.

It is for this reason that equipping yourself with items never hurts, especially if you have to go later to meet an appointment at work or you will meet someone. Consider including the following in your bag:

  • Antiperspirant deodorant.
  • Moisturizer.
  • Extra underwear.
  • Antifungal products (to prevent athlete's foot).
  • Fragrance.
  • Feminine hygiene products.
  • Hair brush.
  • Make-up.
  • Shampoos

8. Power bars

What you eat before and after each workout allows you to achieve your goals. You should never neglect your diet when training, so energy bars are your best ally when refueling.

Working hours often prevent you from planning your exact hours to go to the gym. To remedy this, you can always have some extra bars on hand, useful both before and after each routine. You can use a high carbohydrate or protein depending on your goals.

5 things you should never wear to the gym

You already know what things you should always take to the gym, so now It is time for you to know those that are better to avoid. This time we have chosen 5 that will help improve your routines or your coexistence with others.

1. Clothing accessories

Like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and others. These accessories are not only uncomfortable when making sudden or repetitive movements, but also They can get caught on your clothes or equipment and prevent you from exercising Fluently.

In any case, remember that you go to the gym to exercise. Avoid, in turn, going with too much perfume. Even when there is enough ventilation, it can be uncomfortable for others.

2. Glass bottles

These types of bottles are very aesthetic and neat, but they are not functional at all. They can break apart in your bag or on the floor of the gym after a sudden movement. The best thing is that you opt for the plastic ones, either disposable or reusable.

It is a good time to remember to change your reusable bottles from time to time. Depending on what they have been made with, the ideal is that you do it every 6 months or 1 year.

Choosing the right bottle for your gym attendance is a step you must take, preferring reusable plastic over glass.

3. Chewing gum

Many people use gum to relieve stress. Although various research supports this, it is not a very safe habit when exercising. Chewing gum can slow your breathing or inclusion cause choking episodes.

On the other hand, there is also the addition of what to do with the rubber afterwards. Some people have a habit of sticking it under training equipment. Even if it is not your case, others can immediately associate it with you.

4. Dirty sportswear

It is one thing to sweat while you are in the middle of the exercise day and quite another is that you arrive with dirty clothes. This, of course, does not condition your performance, although it is not an incentive to improve coexistence with others.

To avoid this, have at least 3 pieces of sportswear, so you have what to go if for reasons of time you have not been able to wash the ones from the previous session. For aesthetic reasons, avoid white ones, which tend to reflect stains the fastest.

5. Mobile devices

Today it is almost impossible for us to decide not to carry our mobile in our pocket. Of course we do not mean to leave the smartphone at home but yeah avoid using it while you are in training.

Constantly reviewing your equipment can hinder the times of each series, so that you will not be dedicating 100% of your concentration and discipline. Unless you want to synchronize your smart watch with an application, better keep the devices until the end of the day.

The things you should bring to the gym are the ones that are useful

If you take into account what you should wear and what not, you can improve the experience you have in the gym, especially if it is the first time you attend it. Remember to make a training plan for each day, so you know what exercise to do and avoid improvisation.

If you are not sure what is best for you, you can always get help from the coach. This will guide you at all times, depending on the results you hope to achieve.