8 plans to do with children at Christmas

We humans have been celebrating Christmas for centuries and considering it a date full of values. AND Although the religious tradition has been diluted, it is still an ideal time to enjoy with the family. Therefore, this time we want to propose some plans to carry out with children at Christmas.

Children are the undisputed protagonists of these celebrations, since they live them with enthusiasm. Those who are parents know that a Christmas with children at home is full of magic and unforgettable moments. Therefore, it is the perfect time to disconnect from daily obligations and spend quality time with them.

Why are Christmas celebrations important for children?

Certainly, among the most pleasant and fond memories of our childhood are various Christmas scenes. It is not strange, since For children the traditions of Christmas take on a special relevance. These, in general, promote in them the feeling of belonging; In addition, it helps them to know their roots and to strengthen ties with the whole family.

Knowing that each year they will drink the grapes with their grandparents or that they will leave water for the Magi offers them a pleasant sense of continuity. Therefore, it is always good to introduce small new traditions during the month of December.

Perfect plans to enjoy with children during Christmas

There are many plans to spend time with the children this Christmas. They are even activities in which the whole family can get involved. Let's see some of the most interesting below.

1. Advent calendar

It is difficult for the little ones to measure the passage of time and, for this reason, they can become impatient when the Christmas dates approach. Using an Advent calendar is a great way to liven up the wait. Children will love opening the corresponding box every day and discovering the chocolate or small toy it contains.

2. Christmas recipes

The kitchen helps to promote the autonomy and self-esteem of children. Participating in the creation of a recipe not only stimulates your skills, but also it makes them feel valuable and proud of themselves.

Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of these dates to cook some simple recipes with them. Reindeer or fir-shaped cookies, a gingerbread house or cupcakes decorated with Christmas motifs are some fun options.

With proper supervision, we can involve children in preparing Christmas recipes.

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3. Take a walk looking at Christmas decorations

Is there anything more magical than seeing the city decked out, full of lights and ornaments? For minors it is something very attractive. They are sure to love seeing those bright and colorful decorations.

So that, A family outing through the city center is one of the best plans. Sharing a roasted chestnut cone or riding in the children's attractions will make the trip much more memorable.

4. Make Christmas cards for friends and family

Christmas is an ideal time to remind our loved ones how much we appreciate them. What better way to do it than with a beautiful and creative Christmas card? There are many materials to make them, the important thing is to let your imagination fly.

Even, You can create a congratulation with a computer design program. Right now, there are very easy options to handle. Children are digital natives and these media can help them develop many of their skills.

5. Reading evenings

Reading is very beneficial for children. Improve your language skills and enhance your imagination. Further, awakens their curiosity, transmits values ​​and improves concentration and memory.

For this reason, it is good to take advantage of the free time of these dates to cultivate your love for reading. Just find a comfortable place to read Christmas stories and stories. They will love it!

6. Family games

Board games teach children to take turns, tolerate frustration, and make decisions. They are a very enriching activity for which we do not always find time. However, the Christmas holidays offer us the perfect opportunity to carry it out. There are many options!

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7. Donate toys and clothes

In recent times, the parties have acquired an important consumerist nuance and many values ​​such as solidarity and the pleasure of sharing have been lost. So, Donating toys and clothes to the most disadvantaged is a simple but valuable gesture that helps to get them back.

How about we encourage children to donate some of their belongings to other children in need? We can even set the example ourselves. Most likely, we have things that we are no longer going to use and that others can use.

Inviting children to donate toys they no longer use is a good way to teach them to be more supportive.

8. Christmas photo session at home

The most valuable thing we have are our memories; but, without a doubt, photographs are a fantastic help to remember happy moments. So why not have a family photoshoot?

We can wear matching sweaters, wear costumes, or just pose next to the Christmas decorations. It will be a unique experience for everyone.

Enjoy Christmas with your family

The best plans to carry out with children at Christmas are those that involve sharing time, enjoying and strengthening family ties. There are many options so that everyone's time is of quality.

Remember that these moments will make them feel loved and cared for.. In addition, it will allow them to create precious memories. Therefore, they are worth investing in.