8 natural ways to reduce blood pressure without medication

Tension or high blood pressure has become a problem on an international scale. The number of cases continues to rise worldwide, and although there are people naturally predisposed to suffer this condition, lifestyle is also a very important factor.

One of the great risks of high blood pressure is that they make us more vulnerable to other cardiovascular conditions, such as myocardial infarction or cerebral stroke.

If you are hypertensive, The best thing you can do is to attend a specialist doctor and follow his instructions to the letter. Additionally, there are some practices that you can take on a daily basis to complement the treatment.

Similarly, these measures act as preventive methods, and can reduce the chances of a healthy person suffering from hypertension in the future, without the need to take medication.

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  • Regular physical exercise

We always come back to this, and rightly so. Physical exercise is an excellent medicine to strengthen the heart and reduce blood pressure. It does not require too much time: it is estimated that only 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week are enough to strengthen the heart.

  • Eat less sodium

Excessive consumption of sodium is scientifically related to high blood pressure and heart disease. The extent of their influence is not completely clear, but experts advise limiting their use.

  • Maintain a moderate weight

This is related to the exercise. Patients with overweight and obesity are more vulnerable to diseases related to blood pressure, as well as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in general. Staying within the ideal range of weight is the most healthy for the body.

  • Reduce stress

Constant stress that is not handled correctly is directly related to the increase in blood pressure, and all the disorders that implies. Learning to manage stress is key to good cardiovascular health. Some useful practices to reduce it are yoga, therapeutic massage and breathing exercises.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol is a direct risk factor in 16% of cases of high blood pressure worldwide. To make matters worse, reduces the effectiveness of medications for hypertension. The ideal would be to eliminate its consumption completely, but at least its intake should be reduced to the minimum possible.

Not only is it one of the biggest risk factors for lung cancer, but it also deteriorates cardiovascular health. Cigarette toxins weaken blood vessels and affect blood pressure. In general, avoiding cigarettes is one of the best health decisions that anyone can make.

  • Consume potassium

Potassium eliminates excess sodium in the body and reduces blood pressure. Some of the foods rich in potassium are green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, melons, bananas, avocados, nuts and legumes.

  • Limit caffeine intake

Some research indicates that the consumption of caffeine has a negative effect in the short term for people with high blood pressure, so its use is discouraged in these cases. But in healthy people, its effect is not clear and there are not enough data to limit or prohibit its use.

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Have you tried any of these methods to reduce blood pressure? What was the results? Tell us in the comments.

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