8 natural solutions to improve the fertility of women and men

The moment of looking for children is crucial in a couple, because without a doubt it is a decision that will change your life forever. Today, many people delay it because of social or cultural issues. In general, it has to do with the fact that young people prefer to dedicate themselves first to their professional development and only later to think about starting a family.

However, at an older age it can be increasingly difficult to have children. This is especially true in the case of women, but both they and they can take care of themselves to improve their fertility and have better chances of having children. Even in young couples, sometimes there can be problems.

Nothing is 100% accurate, but these remedies and simple habits can help a lot in the fertility process, for both sexes and at any age.

For them

Diet abundant in vegetables

In particular, you should consume green leafy vegetables, which are the ones that increase folic acid levels. This is one of the main natural components for women's fertility, and the best way to increase it from food is with this type of vegetable.

Fertile fats

There are also fatty foods that can help you improve your chances of getting pregnant. They are the avocado, the coconut oil, the nuts, the raw almonds, the flax and chia seeds or the first cold pressed olive oil.

Leave tobacco

Tobacco reduces the chances of pregnancy, since it affects every stage of the reproductive process. In addition, it also decreases ovarian function and affects the production of hormones. Finally, it also increases the risk of spontaneous abortion if fertilization occurs.

For them

Physical activity

Leading an extremely sedentary life can reduce the amount of sperm that man produces, according to Harvard research. Therefore, physical activity a couple of hours a week improves fertility.

Less carbohydrates

The more carbohydrates a man incorporates into his diet, the less sperm he produces, according to the same study from Harvard University. In fact, if carbohydrate intake normally reaches 50% of the diet, the decrease can be dramatic. Therefore, it is convenient to add more proteins and vegetables.

Remedies for men and women

Control cholesterol

Different studies have shown that high cholesterol levels were directly related to the difficulty of having children. Although it is not known with certainty, this could have to do with the fact that high cholesterol can interfere negatively when it comes to synthesizing sex hormones, such as testosterone or estrogen.

Mediterranean diet

Researchers from the University of Murcia and the University of Harvard (USA) showed that the Mediterranean diet improves the chances of conceiving. In contrast, the Western diet achieves the opposite effect.

The Mediterranean diet is characterized by the abundance of fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Vitamin D

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) showed that the higher the level of vitamin D in blood, the greater the mobility of the sperm and the faster they advance. In the case of women, it also helps the metabolic function. In many therapies it is used to reverse fertility.

To get vitamin D, it is essential to take moderate amounts of sun daily.

Did you know these remedies to improve fertility?

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