8 mistakes when making up the eyes and how to avoid them

Setting the look with shadows and other beauty products seems like an easy task. But there are some aspects that are not taken into account and that can spoil the makeup.

Last update: November 10, 2021

Makeup is the best complement to enhance styling. Even so, put the shadow and do well the eyeliner has its tricks. That is why it is important to avoid mistakes when applying eye makeup so as not to end up with an unwanted effect.

Whether the eyes are almond shaped or parted, the makeup is also guided by the shape of the eyeball. This is a key aspect when making up this area of ​​the face.

If what you are looking for is that the gaze becomes the center of attention, the best is learn the order in which cosmetics are applied and the ideal tools. We share some tricks to avoid making mistakes.

Common mistakes when making up the eyes

Eye makeup is not only made up of shadows. There are a series of products and techniques that are useful to avoid disasters in the look. Here are some tips to avoid making common eye makeup mistakes.

Knowing the implements and how to use them is essential to avoid mistakes.

1. Do not apply primer

Also called first, this product not only makes makeup can hold better and last for hours, but also prevents shadows or pencil from moving. And there is nothing more complex than retouching the eyes. Therefore, when a product promises to make makeup last, it is necessary to give a resounding yes to its use.

Another point in favor is that primer prevents creases, which leads to the skin of the eye to look smoother. Also, with this product it is not necessary to apply multiple layers of shadow to obtain greater color accuracy.

2. Apply concealer in greater quantity

This product works great if you want to camouflage dark circles and blemishes in the eye area. Still, overdoing it can lead to stiff makeup.

There is also room here to indicate another error related to this product. And it is that many women tend to put the concealer before the shadows and this only causes the remnants of shadow powder to fall on the concealer.

The correct way to do this is to first make up the eyes and then, with a make-up remover wipe, remove the excess shadow from the area of ​​the dark circles. Finally, apply the concealer and with the help of your fingers, blend.

3. Put on a lot of mascara

Putting many layers of mascara makes the eyes look smaller and the product becomes caked and lumpy, which aesthetically does not look good. Therefore, the correct way to do it is to curl them first, and then apply the mask from the base and in zigzag movements.

4. Use contrasting shadows

Although creativity is allowed in makeup, it often happens that a very dark color is used to cover the mobile eyelid and it is brought up to the arch of the eyebrow, where there is a very light color. The hit of contrasts may feel strange.

In addition, if the colors are not blurred, the effect achieved will be unprofessional. Use smudging brushes to avoid leaving jagged lines or shadow marks.

5. Misapply the illuminator

The illuminator is the magic touch to give light to the eye. In this sense, an incorrect brush, such as the large-bristled cat’s tongue, can lead to the color of the highlighter being unified and the eyes looking less expressive and small.

6. Put the shadow at the end

Leaving the eyes for the end of the makeup is a mistake that can turn into a disaster. Since the powder released by many shadows can cause it to fall on areas such as the cheekbone, nose and cheeks, which are already made up.

7. Make a eyeliner thick

An eyeliner thin and curved to the middle of the eye is an attraction that adds points to the makeup. However, if it becomes very thick, especially on small eyelids, You will be making a mistake that will make your makeup look unsightly.

8. Shadow lower lashes

Neither with shade nor with eyeliner the lower lashes should be highlighted, since what is done is to reduce the look. The most favorable thing will be to use a little mascara that goes all over the outer area of ​​the eyelash.

Avoid common mistakes when making up your eyes knowing your type of look

The eyes are very expressive. Even so, there are certain makeup tricks for each look. Let’s meet a few.

Large eyes

They are rounded and large eyes. Because, the makeup that best suits them is dark shades in shadows, that allow to decrease its volume a little. For example, this type of eyes could use a smokey eye.

People with large eyes should choose a type of general makeup for the face that harmonizes their proportions.

Almond eyes

These eyes are characterized by being narrow and rounded in the middle. In this sense, they are very easy to put on makeup, since they are symmetrical. Both light and dark colors go very well. As a tip, apply highlighter to the tear duct area for a look harmonious.

Hollow eyes

This eye shape is identified because the brow bone is more pronounced. For this reason, the lines and the mascara make the look stand out. As a recommendation, it is better not to use dark shadows, as they make the eye look smaller.

Don’t make mistakes when you make up your eyes

Finally, it should not be forgotten that makeup products have an expiration date. In addition, the tools should be washed every so often to avoid complications, such as allergies and irritations.

Not making mistakes when applying eye makeup means taking care of health. Check the cosmetic labels from time to time and enjoy a look according to your look.

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