8 mistakes to avoid when scenting your home

Do you like to have environments that smell good and do not harm your health? So, do not make the mistakes that we will point out below!

Last update: 29 March, 2022

Have you ever walked into a place that smells great and immediately feel like you’re in a nice space? Or on the contrary, places with bad smells make you want to run away. The sense of smell is very powerful and important. For this reason, in this article we will show you some tips and mistakes that you should not make to aromatize your home.

Although it is not so obvious, the aroma is a fundamental factor to create a pleasant environment. Although it is not seen, as it happens with the decoration and the furniture, it affects the way in which the places are perceived. In fact, aromas help to change the sensation and the emotions that develop.

Next, we will talk about certain errors and behaviors that you should avoid when scenting your home. In this way, you will be able to have more awareness of this invisible reality.

1. Do not open the windows

That fresh air enters houses is essential and produces an important change in the air. In addition, allows scents found inside to flow and they are not kept inside the house, for example when cooking.

That is why it is key to have a routine of opening the windows, at least 15 minutes a day. Also, make sure that the house has good general ventilation.

The routine of opening windows is part of caring for the interior of the home and lung health.

2. Neglect kitchen odors

The kitchen is a place that changes its smell all day. In fact, the aromas that come from there can be delicious and whet the appetite of those who are at home.

However, they can also become unpleasant odors, especially when they last beyond mealtime. Therefore, it is essential that the extractor works well on the stove.

3. Not doing a good garbage management

It is evident that rubbish is a source of bad odours. Therefore, proper management of them is essential to prevent the house from smelling bad.

In addition, it is key to avoid the presence of pests or poor health conditions. For this, it is convenient not to let a lot of garbage accumulate inside the house. In addition, when managing organic waste, it is advisable to receive training and use the appropriate implements.

4. Mix many scents

It is common for people to have several air fresheners in the same house. However, this can be counterproductive, because the spaces can become difficult to live in if the fragrances mix.

Likewise, when it comes to giving the house a smell, it is advisable to use fragrances that are not very sweet or strong. In this way, the environment is allowed to be comfortable and not suffocating. Especially when many people live or visit the same household.

However, it can also be a mistake to have the same air freshener for many months, because over time its fragrance is no longer perceived. It is good to vary, but not to mix.

5. Using unhealthy products

Certain fragranced products have components that are harmful to health. In fact, several of them can be carcinogenic or aggravate diseases such as asthma.

An investigation carried out by the Royal College of Physicians on the impact of air pollution on human beings indicated that certain everyday items to aromatize (essences, candles or incense sticks) are potential sources of pollution in homes. The reason is that when they interact with other elements, such as fire or ozone, they release toxic substances.

6. Neglecting pets

Animals can develop unpleasant odours. However, when we are perceiving the same fragrance for a long time, we tend not to feel it later.

Thus, people get used to the smell of their pets. However, when someone enters the house they can notice it.

In this sense, it must be taken into account that pets must be bathed, clean their teeth and ears and make sure they are clean. In fact, these actions also guarantee better health for the animal.

In addition, you need to wash your toys frequently, food containers, blankets and bedding. Cleaning your hair from the places where it accumulates, such as sofas, rugs or beds, is imperative.

The smell of dogs and cats can be something not perceived by their owners, but by visitors to the home.

7. Cover odors

Trying to mask one smell with another is a fatal decision. If you have a source of bad odor in your home, such as a damaged pipe or humidity, what you should do is solve the root problem. If you try to mask a bad smell with a good smell, the mixture will not be anything positive.

8. Forgetting to clean textiles

Grooming is usually done on the surface of furniture and the floor. However, less frequently the textiles that cover the furniture are cleaned or the curtains.

As with the rest of the surfaces in the home, fabrics also accumulate dirt. Consequently, they will have bad odors.

Choose the device that best suits to aromatize your home

There is a huge variety of utensils and gadgets on the market to scent your home, so it can be difficult to choose the best one. At the time of purchase, evaluate your space, what are the needs of your family and what kind of aromas are preferred.

That way, if you have large areas and high ceilings, you’ll need a tool that packs a punch, not incense sticks. On the other hand, if you prefer to have a friendly life with the environment and take care of your health with natural products, you will prefer a diffuser of handmade essential oils.

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