8 laundry tips for busy people

If you are a person who has many occupations, you may find it difficult to perform daily tasks that require part of your time. Therefore, in this article we will share several laundry tips for busy people.

Household activities are annoying for some, especially when there are other priorities on the list. In case you recognize that you are one of them, you have to know that the important thing is to take action as soon as possible.

The key, if you want to achieve this efficiently, lies in organizing and planning your routines. There are small actions that will make a difference and allow you to wash without affecting your day too much. Do you want to discover them? Keep reading.

Laundry tips that you will like to know if you are a busy person

Practicality is essential when you want to save time on your housework. Based on that, the ideal way to optimize whatever you have to do is to create a system that is easy and fast to execute.

In this sense, we will give you 8 laundry tips with which you can have your clothes clean every week without much effort.

1. Organize your clothes in baskets

The first thing is to classify your dirty clothes in baskets. Each member of the household must have at least one of these in their rooms, so that they can deposit the garments used there.

If you prefer another more practical organization option, a good idea is to place everything in baskets classified by color. Then, there will be one for the dark ones, for the whites and finally another in which the pastels go. In addition, one for underwear.

Likewise, you can order according to the types of garments. This means that you have to place baskets for pants, sweaters, socks, sheets and towels. The important thing is that you divide it in such a way that when washing everything is comfortable and fast.

Organizing dirty clothes in baskets makes the final washing process easier by saving sorting time.

2. Clean the washing machine

This is one of the laundry tips that some overlook, but it makes a difference. You have to clean the washing machine every so often, like every 15 or 20 days. This helps not only to extend its useful life, but also to protect your garments from stains.

Product build-up in the machine drum is normal and is sometimes responsible for wear and tear on clothes. A practical strategy is to add a liter of vinegar and fill it with hot water. Then you need to wait for a regular wash cycle to complete and that's it.

3. Add a towel in the dryer

In order for a garment to dry as quickly as possible in the dryer there is a rather interesting trick. Put on your pants, flannel or sweater and add a dry towel in the load. When you take it out, you will appreciate how it comes out free of moisture and ready to use.

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4. Take advantage of the dryer as an iron

Hate the ironing process or don't have enough time? Do not worry. A practical way to forget about is is use the dryer as an iron. To do this, you just have to put your clothes here for 10 minutes and that's it.

Thanks to this solution you will not waste time ironing. However, it should be noted that this applies to fabrics that are not delicate or buttoned shirts.

5. Hang up and fold clothes right away

When the cycles end, it is best take advantage of that moment to store and classify the garments. That is, as soon as the wash is finished, put them in the dryer and thus avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

Apart from that, those that are in the dryer you have to fold them and thus reduce the possibility of wrinkling. If you apply this process you will save a lot of time in terms of washing.

6. Store smaller items in laundry bags

It is very common for people to lose smaller items, such as socks. At least once in your life you have noticed that you do not have the complete pairs and this happens by putting everything together in one place.

The solution to avoid this is to buy laundry bags. There are many types on the market, and they are designed with the aim of depositing the smallest clothing inside the washing machine and not getting lost in the process.

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7. Create a washing routine

Another very useful laundry tip is to maintain a routine for washing. In principle it requires your effort and good will, but after making it a habit you will see how the process flows.

An excellent idea is to have a calendar on hand in which you specify when you are available to wash. Establish the days and times in which you will perform this task and commit yourself.

Do not expect large amounts to accumulate because it will be difficult for you to meet the goal. Create a method in which each member of the household participates in the week, doing one or two washing cycles respectively.

Some laundry products are 3-in-1, meaning that they combine multiple functions in one package to save time.

8. Make a list of tasks for the others

When you have several tasks to accomplish and you don't have any time in your week, it is also beneficial to ask someone else for help. For example, your children or another member who lives with you can do that task for you.

However, to reduce the possibility of accidents, make a list with directions on what goes in the dryer And why not. That way, whoever goes to wash will not make mistakes that affect your wardrobe.

Have organization and persistence to follow these laundry tips

When you are a busy person, the important thing is to have organization and persistence. Sometimes you will be more tired than others, but It is recommended that you avoid the accumulation of clothes to wash.

The higher the amount, the more exhausting and time consuming it will be. Because of that, he establishes one laundry day a week. So you have a structure to follow. Also get laundry products that are 3 in 1. For example, there are presentations that have detergent, stain removers and fabric softeners in small sachets.

It seems like a daunting task, but it can be done successfully. We hope that these tips will organize the day, the week and the entire months for you.