8 ideas to expand the spaces of the house

Housing is one of the most important places, as it is the area destined to rest, enjoy with the family and find tranquility. Due to this, optimal and spacious spaces must be formed that allow them to function without discomfort.Explore in this article 8 ideas to expand the house!

Having large spaces in the home is the dream of most of the people, since they look neat, sober, clean and elegant. In addition, they have multiple comfortable areas to move around, interact with others and carry out all kinds of activities.

A house with spaciousness guarantees that the inhabitants have all the necessary areas to develop, without any taking space from another. As a result, the feelings of well-being are constant because you stay in a place that inspires serenity, freedom and harmony.

How to expand the spaces in the house?

Poorly managed tight spaces create many problems, as all areas are saturated and crowded. For this reason, people feel that they battle clutter every day and do not have enough space to live as they want.

Houses with little space are more difficult to organize and clean, so they can affect the mental and physical tranquility of the inhabitants. Likewise, people feel confined and unable to perform some actions that involve recurrent mobility.

On the other hand, it can be perceived that the original functionality of many elements is altered, since objects are agglomerated that interrupt the passage. However, the solutions do not involve moving to a larger lot. With some decorative and composition details you can expand the spaces of the house.

1. Take advantage of natural lighting

Natural lighting provides a optical effect that makes spaces appear larger than they are. Therefore, it is a factor to take into account in small homes. This element makes places appear deeper, since it eliminates shadows.

This factor is easy to obtain. All you need is the use of transparent curtains that allow as much light as possible. Even during the day the windows can be left uncovered to feel that the environment is more free and spacious.

Taking advantage of natural lighting is a way to add space to the house with an optical effect.

2. Include enough electric light

It is ideal to complement natural light with electric light that is installed in the house. The intention of this is that the sensations of amplitude are not stopped at night, due to the absence of the sun's rays.

The recommended electric light is the one that includes pendant lamps, as these ensure that all areas have an intense and adequate clarity.

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3. Paint the walls white

White is the most essential color for narrow houses, since it offers total clarity that allows the entire environment to be detailed. What's more, it is the shade that best reflects and scatters natural light that enters through doors or windows.

Because of this, the white walls appear wider and the ceilings appear with an unbeatable height. Doors and window frames can also be covered in white vinyl to make them stand out further and increase spaciousness.

4. Use cool colors

If the inhabitants of the house do not like white, they can resort to cold colors. Among these shades, turquoise, light blue, gray and light purple can be highlighted.

According to color theory, warm tones are more intense and create a rustic texture. Because of this, they exert a high degree of contrast and make objects appear larger and closer.

Conversely, cool colors allow more light to be present in the place. Because of this, structures acquire greater depth than objects and areas are enlarged.

5. Install mirrors

Mirrors are an essential object in home decoration. These, in addition to providing elegance, they reflect all kinds of light and don't let the space look narrow.

The mirror is also essential to expand the spaces because, through it, the entire place can be visualized. The object achieves that the elements are perceived twice. Due to this, it generates an optimal effect of amplitude.

If the object is located in areas close to the sources of natural and artificial light, it is more successful. Similarly, a single mirror is enough to enlarge the spaces.

6. Use the necessary furniture

The main rule of narrow places is that they are not overloaded with unnecessary elements. Because of that, it is vital that only essential furniture is installed and those that are never used are discarded.

To expand the spaces it is ideal to have large furniture and in a reduced quantity. This prevents excessive accumulations of sofas and small decorations.

Multifunctional furniture can also be used. This taking into account that the less innocuous objects are agglomerated, the easier it is to find large spaces.

Furniture with multiple functions helps to save space, so that unnecessary ones are reduced.

7. Install a single floor

If the same floor is used in all the spaces of the house, the sensations of spaciousness are guaranteed because there is continuity throughout the place. When using different types of surface, the eye interprets that the area was divided and owns less square meters.

It's important to put attention on floors should be used that help reflect light and diffuse clarity. For this reason, white tiles are the most requested to enhance the areas of the house.

8. Hang the curtains from a good height

The curtains should be installed very close to the ceiling, as this helps the areas to be considered as having a good height. In addition, can be dropped to the ground so that the optics interpret that the windows are large.

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Maintaining order and using the walls: alternatives to expand the spaces of the house

Disorder is one of the main enemies of places, because it fills the space with continuous interruptions and discomfort. Therefore, keeping areas clear and neat is a necessary action to achieve spaciousness.

For the places to look large, an exaggerated and saturated decoration should be avoided. In addition, all areas should be used to the maximum. With that in mind, shelves are an ideal alternative to add just enough and keep order.

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