8 homemade tricks to clean white leather

When choosing pieces such as shoes, purses, or furniture, it is common to opt for leather because of its durability, ease of cleaning, and maintenance. Before reviewing the tricks to clean white leather, it must be considered that, to extend its useful life, the piece should not receive direct sunlight.

It should also be taken into account that if a liquid spills on its surface, the ideal thing is to act quickly so that it does not penetrate into the deep layers. With simple and common resources, it is possible to keep this material as new, even if it is light tones.

Factors that can alter the useful life of white leather

On average, a leather chair lasts 4 to 5 times longer than a fabric one. It offers resistance to tears and does not break it in any eventuality. Added to this, it gains properties over time, as it acquires a patina of softness that is pleasant to the touch. Still, certain factors can deteriorate it faster than thought.

Exposure to the sun, heat, or humidity

In the sun, the leather dries out and cracks. Thus, move furniture away from windows if exposure is very direct and for long hours. In particular, white leather takes on a yellowish hue that can be irreversible.

Heat, on the other hand, is a procedure used to soften leather. However, it is not good to use it frequently. It is also not convenient to put wet things on it.

Creams, cosmetics, paints or zippers

Body creams, cosmetics and paints They have chemicals that can leave lasting marks on white leather items. Similarly, garments with zippers can deteriorate them if there is rough contact.

The use of abrasive substances and unsuitable cleaning instruments

Avoid using ketones or chemical removers on leather. These products can definitely affect the skin of the furniture, shoe or wallet. Also do not use sharp objects, brushes with stiff bristles or tweezers that can break the material.

The carelessness

Liquid or grease spills leave marks on the leather that are difficult to erase without immediate intervention. It should be remembered that the leather surface is easy to clean if it hasn't been long.

Sun exposure and product spills can deteriorate white leather.

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8 homemade tricks to clean white leather

In many cases, it is only necessary to wipe the white leather surface with a damp cloth to get it clean. However, if the stain has stuck hard, another type of cleaning is necessary. Fortunately, there are several tricks that make this task easier so that it does not become a headache.

1. Microfiber cloth

If you don't have a melamine sponge on hand for normal maintenance, or you just want to remove a week's accumulated dust, a microfiber cloth will suffice. Moistened with distilled water and mild soap it will be enough to keep the furniture or shoes clean.

2. Soft bristle brushes

For crevices, seams, or folds, you need a soft bristle brush. Soak it in a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water for a regular cleaning treatment. By the way, as an additional fact, if the leather is dark in color you can use cider vinegar.

3. Vaseline

It is special to restore shine and revive the color of the leather, as it prevents dryness and cracks. Rub the petroleum jelly evenly over the white leather and let it dry for 30 minutes. Then, wipe with a soft cloth until the natural shine of the surface is reached.

4. Baking soda

If the stain is attacked immediately, a dry cloth will suffice to remove it. But if it gets persistent, spray baking soda and leave it for a few hours to be absorbed. Then, with a cloth, remove the excess bicarbonate; the stain will surely have disappeared. If not, repeat the procedure.

5. Swabs and rubbing alcohol for ink stains

Dip a cotton swab into a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and apply it on the ink stain until it disappears. You may need several, depending on the intensity and size of the brand. A good idea is to try with an eraser first, as some ink stains give way to this simple treatment.

6. White vinegar

If a liquid with salt has fallen on the leather, we can use a ecological solution. It consists of mixing white vinegar with water in equal parts. Then, it is applied with a microfiber cloth until the stain has subsided.

A little white vinegar may be enough to make white leather items look spotless.

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7. Lemon and cream of tartar

This mixture of equal parts lemon and cream of tartar creates a paste. How much you need will be determined by the size of the stain. The procedure is the next:

  • Spread the mixture on the affected part and let it rest for about 10 minutes.
  • Then remove it with a damp cloth.

8. Skim milk

If you are facing a stain that has resisted minor treatments, you should resort to skim milk. In a recipient, Add the milk and mix it with a splash of vinegar. You apply this preparation on the furniture stain with the help of a cloth. After a few minutes, you will notice the change.

In white leather the details are more visible

When you are going to use any of these homemade tricks to clean white leather, and as a precautionary measure, first apply the product on a surface that is not visible. The idea is to see the reaction of the leather to the treatment with the cleaning liquid.

Finally, remember that excessive heat, humidity, dry air or bad weather can affect accessories and furniture made of this material. Because of this, it is convenient to keep them away from these conditions and perform regular maintenance on them.