8 fall flowers to plant in your garden

With the arrival of autumn, also the fall of the leaves of the trees. However, this is not synonymous with the flowers dying. Find out which are the best flowers to sow in the fall!

Last update: 06 November, 2021

With the arrival of autumn, the city changes its colors completely and the cold begins. Nevertheless, It is a time when you can also enjoy flowering orchards and full of color. In this regard, in this article we will talk about 8 autumn flowers to sow in your garden.

Choosing seasonal flowers and vegetables to have in our gardens and orchards will always be a good option. It allows them to be easy to grow and to develop properly.

What’s more, they are easier to get and at a better price. They are the perfect excuse to spend some time gardening and enjoying its health benefits.

When the cold seasons of the year arrive, we must seek to give warmth to the homes so that the mood does not fall and a cozy atmosphere is maintained. Flowers are great allies to fill spaces with life and joy.

1. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a very beautiful and grateful flower, because it constantly blooms, it is easy to care for and has a variety of bold colors. Its last flowering takes place in autumn, which is characterized by presenting more subdued and romantic tones.

They exist in purple, blue, pink, violet and white colors. During the autumn its tonality is more subdued. However, this gives it a more rustic look and vintage.

A Guide to blooming hydrangeas of the Polytechnic University of Valencia indicates that it is necessary to put them in the shade when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius for prolonged periods. Something that can happen in some areas at the beginning of this season. Likewise, it is recommended to do a nitrogen fertilization that should be reduced in September and eliminated in October, with the fall.

Hydrangeas bloom in fall with more subdued colors than usual.

2. Thoughts

Pansies are very easy to care flowers, despite its delicate appearance. They exist in many shades, they bloom in abundance and are very popular because they adapt well to different areas. To stimulate flowering in autumn, it is advisable to use fertilizers in late summer.

They need good exposure to the sun and a moist soil, although not waterlogged, that has good drainage. As they exist in different shades (yellow, orange, blue, purple, violet, white and pink), they are one of the plants that bring the most joy to homes.

3. Fuchsia

This plant, as its name implies, it has an intense fuchsia color combined with purple that draws a lot of attention. Its tonalities make the perfect contrast with the autumnal colors. In addition, it has a delicate shape, like a bell.

Its flowering occurs from summer to mid-autumn. During spring and early summer, liquid fertilizers should be made every 2 weeks. Then they can be reduced to 1 time a month.

4. Chinese rose

The Chinese rose, also known as hibiscus or cayenne, It is perfect for the autumn season because its flowering can occur in this season. Despite its tropical appearance, withstands low temperaturesWell, there are even species that can withstand below zero.

However, its ideal temperature is between 12 and 23 degrees Celsius. For this reason, it mostly blooms in early fall.

To support its flourishing It is necessary to put fertilizers that offer enough nutrients. It is ideal that they are granulated, because this way they are released more slowly and the risk of burning is prevented.

In summer it requires a lot of water. However, as the weather gets colder and more humid, this amount decreases.

5. Calendula

In addition to being an aromatic plant with many health benefits, famous for its healing action, Calendula has striking orange flowers. Its flowering usually occurs in the spring. However, if it is protected from the excessive heat of the summer and given enough care with compost and pruning, it can stay in bloom in the fall as well.

It is important that it is located in a place with good lighting so that it receives the sun constantly. Also, you need persistent watering, but not in copious amounts.

6. Apple blossom

If you have a large garden or backyard that allows you to have trees, the apple tree is a wonderful tree. In addition to allowing you to eat delicious fruits, in autumn you will be able to delight yourself with its beautiful flowers. They are usually white and pink, with small fuchsia circles that stand out.

To take care of an apple tree, a soil rich in nutrients is required that allows good drainage. It is very grateful for organic and natural fertilizers. Likewise, it requires constant and abundant watering.

7. Autumn crocus

This is one of the most beautiful and delicate-looking fall flowers in light lilac or pink colors. In the center it is blurred with white and yellow tones

It is also known as wild saffron. It is a bulb native to Europe with a height between 10 and 30 centimeters.

It is a type of flower that prefers shade and humid soils, although well drained. They should be planted in summer and put a liquid fertilizer every 15 days.

The best thing is that its flowering begins in autumn, so you will have it beautiful throughout the season. In addition, it is resistant to pests and diseases.

There is also a species of this plant that blooms in autumn and is known as golden saffron or golden saffron. However, do not be confused by the name, because it is not the same variety of saffron that is used in the kitchen.

8. Lavender

Lavender is a highly desired plant because, in addition to its beautiful appearance that gives it ornamental properties, it also has a wonderful smell. As is known, it can be used to treat different ailments and has relaxing properties.

Like little, it is a very resistant and easy to grow plant, so it can withstand the autumn cold. Among its requirements is to have an alkaline soil with good drainage.

On the other hand, it is important to do a moderate watering. Otherwise, it can rot or develop fungus. It is important not to use a lot of fertilizer, as it does not require it.

Lavender is a plant that has both cosmetic and medicinal uses, which is why it is widely cultivated.

Decorate with bouquets of fall flowers

In this article you have read about different flowers that you can have in your house in the fall season. However, if it is difficult for you to have a space on the terrace or garden to plant, an excellent alternative will be to buy bouquets of flowers. If you want to go with the colors of the season, it is best to use orange, red and yellow colors.

In addition, before winter arrives you can take the flowers from the bouquets or the garden to dry them. To achieve this, you put the petals between books and leave them for a couple of months to dry. Then you use them to make resin jewelry, decorate Christmas cards or create collages.

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