8 effective exercises to make your buttocks rounder

The buttocks they are one of the parts of the body that cause the most mixed feelings. While some women are happy with their natural size, others would like to have a little more volume.

To have those firm and round buttocks that you love so much, you have this list of eight exercises that focus on the right muscles. Select any of them and practice them for 20 minutes every day, without fail. To make your task even easier, you will see that no special equipment is required. And the best, you can do them in your house!

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Raising the legs in the rainbow helps move the buttocks up, down, forward and backward. Thus, the three muscles that make up your glutes are put to work. As an added benefit, this exercise also makes you work your abs.

How it is done:

Stand on all fours with palms placed directly below the shoulders and knees below the hips.

Stretch your left leg and move it to the sides as far from the starting position as you can.

Lift the leg up and move it over the right leg to the opposite side with a bow movement, hence the name of the exercise. The tip of the left foot should touch the ground on the right side of the right leg.

Place the left leg in the starting position. Do 20 repetitions. Then do the same with your right leg and, do 20 repetitions again.

Donkey kick

Do not be confused by the name of this exercise. It is super efficient and focuses on the area where the glutes and hamstrings are located. Thus, it helps you tone the muscles of the buttocks. What is more attractive is that this exercise also helps to sculpt your abs and strengthen your spine. It's like an offer in the supermarket when they offer "two for one"!

How it is done:

Stand on all fours with palms placed directly below the shoulders and knees below the hips.

Keeping the right knee bent at 90 degrees, lift the leg as far as you can without straining a lot. Lower the knee without touching the ground and lift it up again. Do 20 repetitions. Then, repeat the same with your left leg.

There is not much that can go wrong in this exercise, but keep in mind that you should not arch your back too much and you should not turn your foot inwards or outwards. The raised foot should be parallel to the leg that is on the ground.

The tiger pose

This yoga posture heats and stretches the muscles of the back and spine. While there are some other versions of this exercise, we will stick with the classic.


Stand on all fours with palms placed directly below the shoulders and knees below the hips. Lift the right leg up so it is aligned with your torso.

Slowly bend the knee so that your foot comes closer to your head, with the toe pointing towards it. Stay in this position for 10-15 seconds. Use the opposite hand to hold your foot, if it seems too difficult to remain in this position.

Now bend the leg towards the chest and lower the head. Try to touch your forehead with the knee and hold the position for 10-15 seconds. Now raise your leg again as described in step 2 and repeat 5 times.

Do the same with the other leg and repeat 5 times.


The squat is a basic exercise that works multiple muscles in the lower part of the whole body, including the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and the entire back.

How it is done:

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Push your hips back, as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair, and then go up. To do the exercise well, you should check that the knees do not exceed the tip of the feet.

Each repetition includes sitting up and getting up again. Make 20 of them.

Squat with reverence

The reverent squat is an excellent exercise that you can use to tone the muscles of the glutes and inner thighs. If you are looking for perfectly round buttocks or want to tone the inner part of your thighs, this is your exercise. However, this is also one of those exercises that beginners usually do incorrectly. So, let's see how it is done in the right way.

How it is done:

Start by standing up.

Then, move your left leg back and to the right of your right leg, bending both knees as if you were bowing. Lower your hips and turn them forward while your legs remain crossed at a 45 degree angle.

Take your left leg to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 20 times with each leg.

Things you might be doing wrong: the most common mistake people make is that they extend their buttocks too far outwards and, therefore, their hips are tilted backwards.

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Ski Squat

This exercise not only provides superficial firmness to the buttocks but also strengthens and tones the lower part of the legs and calves. It is the perfect exercise if you want to have well-toned legs and glutes.

How it is done:

Stand up straight with your feet together. Now squat and then get up.

Squatting and getting up is a repetition. Do 15 repetitions, or simply repeat the exercise for 40 seconds.

Sumo walk

This exercise is ideal for toning the glutes, hip flexors and quadriceps. It also works the hamstrings. You can start doing it with slow walks and later, when you get used to it, you can change at a faster pace.


As the name suggests, start by putting yourself in the position of sumo wrestler. Separate the feet with the fingers slightly pointing outwards. Keep your hands with your fingers entwined in front of your chest.

In this position, take 15 steps to the right. Then, take 15 steps to the left until you return to the place where you started.

Bridge of buttocks

This exercise strengthens the buttocks, the hamstrings, the hip muscles and the muscles of the lower back. The buttock bridge is also an excellent exercise for those who spend long hours in the office sitting, as it strengthens the spine and improves posture.

How it is done:

Start by lying on your back with your arms placed at your sides and with your palms stuck to the floor. Next, bend your knees so that your calf is perpendicular to the floor. It contracts the belly well to work the abdominal girdle.

Now lift the lower back and hips so that your body forms a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Stay in this position for a few seconds and go down.

People tend to arch their backs while lifting it. This adds an unnecessary burden, so it should be avoided. What you should do is lift the hips first and then the spine.

Going up and down once is counted as a repetition. Do it 20 times.

And you, do you know other exercises for glutes? Tell us in the comments.

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