7 ways to say I love you

In certain situations, expressing affection in words is not enough. Don’t you know how to say I love you? We teach you 7 effective gestures for which you will not need words.

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz on November 09, 2021.

Last update: 09 November, 2021

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how skilled you consider yourself to be about it, You’ll always feel like it’s the first time when you say I love you. The nerves, the uncertainty and the fear of how the expression is received is something that will always accompany you. If you can’t find the words to do it, here are 7 ways to say I love you.

An action is worth a thousand words, so sometimes you don’t need to explicitly say this expression to prove it. After all, when the time comes, the counterpart will value it according to what you have done to manifest it.

We hope the ways to say I love you that we have gathered will help you express your appreciation to that special person.

The best ways to say I love you

The ways of saying I want you that we present to you serve you in two contexts: you already have a relationship with that person and you want to show your love or, on the contrary, you are getting to know them and you intend to climb to a new level of intimacy. Be that as it may, The important thing in any case is not to exaggerate when making your feelings explicit.

Keep in mind that the number of times you say I love you is not proportional to your love. In fact, it can even be uncomfortable for that person if you say it four, five, or ten times a week. Think that the best card you can play is to show this feeling. Let’s look at some ways to say I love you that you can use.

1. Be a retailer

Although the taste for details or gifts varies greatly between each person, the simplest things usually hide beautiful and valuable feelings.

Yes, being a retailer is one of the best ways to say I love you; one that if you allow us the license never goes out of style. Keep in mind that being a retailer is not being there all the time or giving gifts frequently. On the contrary, it implies rescuing those things that normally go unnoticed because they are considered of less importance.

For example, remembering anecdotes or stories that person has told you, noting special dates so as not to forget them, opting for minimalist or symbolic gifts (a letter, for example), recreating moments that you know she enjoys and more. Focus on the small details and not in the big or more obvious ones, in short.

2. Communicate with her and listen to her

Much is said about communication in a relationship, and no wonder. According to the researchers, communication is one of the best indicators of satisfaction in a relationship. This always has to be two-way and sincere, not just pretending to pay attention or doing it on autopilot.

And it is that communicating with your partner, listening to her, is one of the best signs that you are interested in her. It is, perhaps, the most important and one of the criteria by which you decide to continue or end a relationship. After all, no one wants to stay with someone who underestimates the value of dialogue. Listening to your partner, understanding their problems and desires is one of the ways to say I love you.

3. Support her and help her

We continue with the practical exercises as a method to say I love you to your partner. It is at this point that support and cooperation play an important role. A relationship is not just about being in romantic, emotional or sexual moments. In fact, it is defined by those where you need to be there to offer support, protection, and understanding.

There are many ways to support your partner. Feeling proud of her achievements, encouraging her in her projects, comforting her in the moments that require comfort and reminding her that you will always be there for it are just one example. Showing your support is a way of saying I love you; Failure to do so is to show disinterest and devaluation.

4. Leave bread crumbs

By leaving breadcrumbs we mean all those signs that indicate to him or her that you profess intense feelings. Among many crumbs that you can leave, we note the following:

  • Be a true friend before anything else.
  • Make him feel like he is a priority to you (and not something secondary).
  • Show her that you trust her.
  • Recognize when you should give him his space (very important).
  • Be respectful of their beliefs or ideals.
  • Always keep the flame of passion burning.
  • Share moments with her.
  • Take an interest in her hobbies or things she likes.

The sum of all this is one of the many ways of saying I love you. In addition, it is a practical way; one that does not remain only in words without materializing in reality. This is the most important of all. There is no use saying I love you if these words are disconnected from your attitude towards your partner.

5. Hug her, whenever you can

Gentle and subtle physical contact is an action that says more than a thousand words. If you don’t know how to express your love to someone, you can start with this.

According to studies and research, hugging between people who are in a relationship is associated with an increase in oxytocin production. This substance, also known as love hormoneIt is in charge of affection, pleasure and attachment to people.

A study published in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships in 2020 found that non-sexual physical affection, such as hugging, is a great indicator of marital satisfaction. For all this we do not hesitate to recommend hugging your partner, whenever you can; of course. Do not forget what we said at the beginning about exaggerating things.

6. Give him gifts

Another way to say I love you without words is through gifts. Yes, it is a somewhat classic tactic, but that does not mean that it is a great tool that you can use to your advantage. Giving gifts is a way of telling your partner that you have thought of her, that you appreciate her and that you continue to create spaces to surprise her.

The researchers note that couples who share gifts with each other last the longest. It does not have to do with the material aspect, but with the intention behind the gesture. It is the gesture of giving, of getting involved in the relationship, which affects its duration.

7. Show that your interest is genuine

Finally, we finalize our alternatives to say I love you without words with a little reflection. Regardless of whether you apply all of the above, the important thing is that you do it with sincerity. Sincerity is the key to everything, because no matter how good an actor you are, sooner or later the truth will be unmasked.

If you want to say I love you to someone, you must manifest this within yourself. Today it is common to use this term, and worse still the I love you, in a very casual way; without there being a referent that connects the expression with the feelings. Genuine actions, after all, are the best way to say I love you..

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