7 tips to prevent overweight in your pets

According to data from Royal Canin, 64% of domestic dogs and cats are overweight. This affects the general health of the animals, their quality of life and life expectancy. The chances of suffering from diseases such as arthritis increase by 68% and metabolic disorders such as diabetes increase by 48%. In addition, it can cause urinary and liver problems, among others. In puppies, it can even lead to development and growth problems.

According to a survey conducted by Mars Petcare, 40% of people do not know how much their cat or dog weighs and 22% have never weighed their pet. Likewise, 54% of those surveyed stated that they feed their animals when they ask for it and sometimes 22% overfeed their pets to keep them happy.

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According to an analysis by Acierto.com In 2019, dogs with obese owners have up to five times the risk of this disease. Therefore, incorporating sport into our routine will help both the animal and the owner to maintain good health. In addition, improving the feeding habits of the animals and staying active while playing will help to prevent overweight.

7 tips to prevent being overweight:

Control the recommended daily ration (the ideal is to weigh each shot with a scale)

Choose the right diet according to breed, age and size.

Mix dry and wet food to bring variety and satiety to the animals.

– In the case of dogs, divide the amount into two or three times of intake per day.

Avoid rewarding always with snacks or food.

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Encourage activities and games to exercise them on a physical level. It is ideal to do sports with them, in addition to controlling your weight, they strengthen bones, joints and tone your muscles.

– Since puppy, go to a veterinarian to treat you and advise on the ideal diet for each stage of your life.

It is essential to make regular visits to a veterinarian, at least once a year, to control them and detect in time or prevent any pathology. Therefore, to pay more attention to our animals, take care of them and give them back all the love they give us.

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