7 steps to squatting correctly at home

The squats as an excellent exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to perform this training correctly. It is a way to give strength to our body and to get better quality of life. This exercise tones and invigorates the lower extremities.

To do this training you can use only body weight, or add some extra weight with weights. It takes space to move and be comfortable. Its biggest advantage is what can be done at home, since it is an activity that does not require a gym.

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The need to exercise in times of pandemic

Many have wondered what to do to stay fit during quarantine. The truth, the confinement has sedentary lifestyle multiplied. People used to jogging, running or going to gyms have not been able to do it.

A good alternative is to do squats. They are certainly a simple body routine. However, they need to be done correctly to achieve the right results.

What is accomplished by doing this exercise?

It cannot be denied that he is one of the best exercises to do at home and strengthen thighs and glutes. In addition, it also acts giving strength to the ankles. Has influence on back muscles and corrects body posture, as balance is improved.

For both ladies and gentlemen it is excellent as it allows a most attractive figure. It is known that the gluteal area is always something that attracts attention. Likewise, sit-ups give the person more resistance when walking and lifting objects heavy.

The ideal way to do these exercises

With squats you have to pay attention to one detail: if they are not done correctly, they will not have the desired results. Therefore, it is necessary know how to do them following guidelines. Next, we indicate the correct way to carry them out:

-Place the feet shoulder width apart, standing to initiate squats.

-You have to force yourself the abdominal area to get started.

-Errors to avoid: start with your knees, bend your back and lift your heels.

-Must sit on heels, place the body backwards.

-The knees they must be parallel to the feet during squats.

-Look forward, forever without arching the back.

Repeat several times, maintaining the correct posture.

What is the password? Well, maintain proper body position. Only then do squats get the right muscles to work.

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What other exercises can be done at home? The variety is wide: sit-ups, pull-ups, jump rope, lunges, push-ups and many more. Not being able to leave our homes is no excuse. You have to abandon a sedentary lifestyle and train your body.