7 simple habits that can help you lose weight without dieting

Believing that to lose weight you have to live on a diet is a misconception. No one can do that, or at least not in the traditional sense of the word, which is related to a super restrictive diet for immediate effects.

However, it is true that to be at the ideal weight it is necessary to permanently incorporate some good habits. If you manage to maintain a balanced life and diet, you will not really have to go back to restrictive diets or worry if you break the rules a bit on a weekend.

These are the seven most important habits that you have to incorporate into your life to start losing weight without thinking about diets.

1. Much more plant-based food

If you fill at least half of the plate with vegetables, you can almost forever forget about strict diets. Getting used to eating a lot of plant-based foods is the easiest way to be very well nourished, not to go hungry and also look good.

If you get used to accompany all your meals with a salad, double prize: you will be eating much more fiber, but you will also incorporate food without cooking, which is a good way to maintain natural nutrients.

2. No “light” products

It may be that in some cases they have fewer calories than the common ones, or they have a little less sodium. But the truth is that they are still hyperprocessed foods, full of unhealthy products.

Instead of looking for light products, always try to choose real food. Yes, the one that leaves the earth and arrives at your table.

3. Eliminate ultraprocessed foods

And in relation to the above, this is fundamental. The more industrial process a food has behind, the less nutritious it is. As simple as that.

But if you are reading this, perhaps what interests you is not so much nutrition, but losing weight. However, you have to know this: hunger is the sensation by which your body asks you for more nutrients. If you eat healthy, you will probably eat less, feel better and have more energy to move around. You win everywhere, and of course you will lose weight!

So goodbye to hyperprocessed foods, please.

4. Don't forget healthy proteins and fats

We said at the beginning that the important thing is not to be restrictive, and it is not just a saying. The diet has to be balanced, and if to lose weight you decide to eat only vegetables, you will not be well nourished and in the long run it will be worse.

So yes, add salads and vegetables to your daily dishes. But don't forget about protein and healthy fats. Everything in your measure!

5. Water, water, water

The body needs water. And water is water. It is not a "zero calorie" soda, nor is it a fruit juice, nor is it a green smoothie or a tea. What you need to be hydrated is water.

Of course, everything else adds up and helps keep you up. If there was not a little water in almost everything we consumed, we could not possibly live, since hydration is the most vital.

But if you want to feel good, drink clear, fresh water, eight glasses a day.

6. Get enough rest

Does this point surprise you? You see, not everything is food, lifestyle also influences our weight. Rest poorly has many disadvantages. First, it takes away energy that you could use to move. Second, slow down your metabolism. Finally, sleeping poorly inhibits the hormone that controls appetite: if you sleep poorly, you are more hungry.

Aren't you wanting to go to sleep now?

7. Do not stop moving

It is true that resting well is a fundamental factor, but that does not mean that you should be in bed all day. Of course, no good habit to lose weight is complete if you do not accompany it with exercise.

We do not talk about killing yourself in the gym: getting used to moving more every day is enough. You can start by walking back home, or by climbing the ladder at work. It all adds up!

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Do you think you can incorporate these ideas into your life to lose weight and feel better?

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