7 short stories to think about

Short stories are an excellent way to make us reflect on the most basic aspects of life. We present you some stories that you will surely like.

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz on November 29, 2021.

Last update: November 29, 2021

Reading stories and short stories is one of the best ways to exercise your intellect. You can get a reflection from any story, and you do it through the ideas contained in its lines.. To prove it, we’ve put together a selection of the best short stories to think about.

The stories we have chosen do not belong to a specific author. Some are adaptations of well-known stories and parables, others just follow the tradition of the people. We assure you, yes, that all the short stories will make you reflect.

The best short stories to think about

All of these stories contain a moral. To motivate your ability to think we have explicitly suppressed it, so that you are the one who draws the relevant conclusions. They are all very easy to read and can even be used to share with the little ones.

1. A pound of butter

Short stories are very useful to teach children about coexistence, happiness and good manners.

A long time ago there lived a farmer who sold butter in a very small town. The baker was one of his most loyal customers, but one day he began to suspect that the stick of butter weighed less than the pound he was paying.

Thus, he decided to weigh her in his business and discovered that his fears were not unfounded. He gathered several villagers as witnesses and went to court to sue the farmer. Once there, the judge asked the farmer if he used a measure to sell the pounds of butter.

In a confident voice and with much mettle, the accused replied that, when working with primitive instruments, he did not have a mechanism to weigh his merchandise. However, he did have a method that he used as a scale. The witnesses, the baker and the judge bowed their bodies to better hear the defense of the farmer:

“Judge, long before the baker started buying me butter, I bought him a pound of bread every day. He brings it to me early in the morning, and what I do is put him on a scale and give him the same amount of butter for the weight he gives me of bread

They all leaned back and looked contemptuously at the baker. He decided to drop the charges and never complained about the weight of the butter again. Without a doubt one of the best short stories to think about, one whose teachings you can apply in your day to day.

2. The village elder

Once upon a time there was an old man who lived in a village. All the inhabitants avoided him, since he had a bad reputation for always being in a bad mood. Children were afraid to walk past the front of his house, and even adults were wary of wishing him good morning.

The oldest inhabitants of the town assured that they always maintained this attitude. His bitterness, hatred, and resentment outweighed his character; since his house, his lawn and even his neighbors also assimilated this gloomy tone.

The truth is that one good day, the one in which the old man celebrated nine decades of life, the rumor began to spread that the old man was happy. Suddenly his house no longer looked dark, the neighbors had regained their joviality and his lawn was the greenest in the whole town.

Everyone surrounded his house waiting for what had happened, to which the old man received them with a big smile and emotion. One of the inhabitants dared in a stuttering voice to ask why he was so happy. The old man’s response was: “Nothing special. I have lived for ninety years looking for happiness and it was useless. Today I decided to stop looking for her and I woke up happier than in my entire life ”.

3. The wise man of the mountain

In a mountain lived a wise man who answered all the questions, doubts and inconveniences that people had. Thousands came to him daily to consult him about their problems. One day, realizing the dependence that was being created around his advice, he decided to gather them all around his grotto.

There, with thousands and thousands around him, he told them a funny anecdote that made everyone laugh out loud. When he finished it, he waited a minute in silence and began to recount the anecdote. This time only a few laughed and many assumed a temper of confusion.

The sage did the same a third time, only this time no one laughed at the story. One of his biggest fans came up and asked him what the sense of dynamics was. To which the sage replied: “They can’t laugh at the same joke over and over, but they can complain and cry over and over again over the same problems. Isn’t it paradoxical? “.

All those around him bowed their heads in shame and slowly withdrew from the mountain. Since then, he has only received a couple of inquiries a day; all these related to strictly important things.

4. The weight of the glass

In a class on stress management, a teacher could not find a way for his students to assimilate his teachings. He decided, just before finishing, to take a glass of water, raise it in front of everyone and ask them seriously: “How much does this glass weigh?”.

Little by little everyone began to give their guesses about the weight, until not a single student was present without trying to get the answer right. When this moment came, the professor replied: “In my opinion, the weight of this glass is irrelevant. It all depends on the amount of time you hold it ”. The room was silent and the teacher continued:

“If I hold it for a minute it will seem like a very light glass. If I do it for hours my arm will think it weighs several kilos. Finally, if I hold the glass for a day my arm will go numb and I will feel that it weighs several tons ”.

Before the confused gaze of his students, the teacher explained: “The weight of the glass does not change, of course, but the longer the time I decide to hold it, the greater I will feel that its weight is. The same thing happens with the worries of life: think about them for a minute and they will seem simple to you. Do it for a few hours and you will start to worry. Carry them with you all day and they will leave you paralyzed“.

The students nodded and the teacher put the glass on the table. With this dynamic he was able to teach her more than everything he had exposed during class. You will agree that it is one of the best short stories to think about. If you liked it, read also the story of “The key to happiness.”

5. The broken container

An elderly farmer from a village in China had to make a long walk to bring water from the stream to his farm. For this he used a log on his neck with two large containers at their ends. However, one of these had a crack through which some water was leaking..

Every day the old man had to take several half-hour walks to fetch water. The container with the crack, despite filling it completely in the river, only arrived with half the water. Of course, the intact did it without losing a single drop.

Thus passed the life of the farmer for two years, coming and going several times a day with his containers. One day, as he bent over to collect water from the stream, he noticed that the cracked container was sad. With genuine concern, he questioned the motives, to which he replied:

“I am very ashamed of you. For two years my crack has prevented me from fulfilling my function. I make you work more for less, so I’m no longer efficient. You should replace me with a container that doesn’t leak water ”. The farmer fell silent, collected water, and started on his way back.

Halfway through the journey, the old man replied: “Do you notice all these fruit trees and flowers that grow next to you? Well, they are there because of you. I planted seeds when I realized your crack and for two years you have been the one who has made them grow ”. From that day on, the recipient regained his confidence and carried out his work with solemnity.

6. The secret of success

A cup of coffee or hot chocolate is the best company to enjoy any kind of story.

Once a disciple asked his teacher about the secret of success. The teacher, after reflecting in silence, asked him to wait for him at dawn on the river bank to give him the answer.

The next, just before dawn, the disciple found his master in front of the river bank. Without saying a word, except for a small gesture for her to follow him, he began to move little by little into the river.

The water began to rise from the ankles to the knee, from the knee to the hip and finally to the chest. Just as it was about to cover his face, his master took it and vehemently plunged it under the water. Thus began a fierce struggle to rise to the surface, but the strength of his master was such that it prevented him.

Finally, after several seconds, it let it rise for a breath of air. He took him to shore and asked: “What was it you most wanted when you were submerged?” “Breathe!” Replied the young disciple. To which he replied: “There you have the secret of success. Want it as much as you wanted to breathe air today. When you do, you will get it “.

7. The coldest winter

We conclude our selection of short stories to think about with this reflection taken from Schopenhauer’s Parable of the Hedgehog. It happened in one of the coldest winters to hit the planet. Thousands of animals died and there were no more caves available to protect themselves from the temperature and the blizzard.

Several hedgehogs, seeing that they would die if they did not do something, decided to group together to keep warm. It seemed like a great idea, until each one’s spikes hurt their closest companions. Unable to bear the pain, several hedgehogs separated and soon died of cold.

The group of hedgehogs then had to make a difficult decision: to stay together despite the injuries to keep warm, or to distance themselves and die of cold. Those who learned to live with pain survived the winter, while those who did not resist died alone in the snow.

What did you think of these short stories to think about? They all have more than one interpretation, so you can pick up more than one lesson if you reflect carefully. Do not stop sharing them and memorizing those that you liked the most.

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