7 recommendations to enjoy being single

Being single doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable or painful experience. That is why, below, we give you some tips that will help you.

Last update: November 27, 2021

For a long time, society has led us to believe that singleness is associated with failure. Well, if we are not in a stable relationship and we have not created a family at a certain point, we automatically assume that something is wrong with us. This, in short, prevents us from enjoying being single as it should.

What we don’t know is that being single can be a blessing, if we allow it. For example, while we are single we can strengthen our relationship with ourselves, cultivate and deepen non-romantic relationships, have more time for one another, and focus on personal growth.

That is why, in this article, we leave you some recommendations that will help you enjoy being single. It is a process of life that is also celebrated and enjoyed.

Tips for enjoying being single

If single life seems painful and unhappy, here are some tips to help you change your perspective.

Singleness is an opportunity to cultivate unloving relationships and strengthen friendships.

1. Identify irrational beliefs around singleness and change them

If you perceive being single as a problem, this is most likely because you have internalized wrong beliefs about it. That is to say, you have believed those prejudices that associate singleness with failure, loneliness, frustration and sadness. Which leads you to assume that this reality also applies to you.

That said, if we want to enjoy being single, it is vital that we shed all those false beliefs that we assume as truths without question. To detect them, it is very useful to keep an emotional diary; a small notebook in which you write down what you feel during the day.

This will help you to be more aware of your emotions. and to have more control over them. In addition, it is an excellent method to detect common themes and general beliefs that support your way of thinking.

2. Prioritize contact with others

Those who do not enjoy being single are more likely to disconnect from the people around them. Especially if they have partners.

If this is your case, Ideally, you should try to connect and relate to the people around you. Singleness is an opportunity to spend quality time with those who matter most to you.

Don’t forget that social connection is associated with mental health. While isolation and disconnection almost inevitably lead to anxiety and depression.

We add that making new single friends can be an important support system. They too are in the same circumstances and can be more easily understood.

3. Focus on your self-care

When you are single you can focus on your personal care without worrying about balancing it with your partner. So regardless of what self-care sounds like to you, prioritize it. Classic examples are exercising, eating healthy, and getting enough rest.

Taking care of yourself is a sign of self-love, so start cultivating that self-esteem, making yourself a priority and doing what makes you happiest and fullest.

4. Set goals and focus on your growth

Singleness gives us the opportunity to be truly responsible, support ourselves, and make our own decisions and goals. Therefore, use this time to be clear about what you want to achieve, whether on a personal, financial level, etc.

To do this, you can write down the goals you want to achieve, both in the short and long term. Then come up with an action plan to make them happen. Remember that you can do great things without having a partner by your side.

5. Join activities you enjoy

Another key to enjoying being single is to sign up for new hobbies and things that bring you joy. Whether it’s a painting course, a recreational sports league, a dance class, or whatever makes you happy.

Take advantage of the free time you have and focus on doing enjoyable activities. In addition, these spaces will give you the opportunity to connect with more people, so the benefit is double.

6. Know yourself

We know that the phrase know yourself It borders on cliché, but it turns out that it is one of the most complicated things we can do. So take advantage of the moments you have alone to begin to know everything about you, like your desires, your fears, your worries, your beliefs.

When you take the time to learn about yourself, you can be clear about what you want out of life. It would even be convenient for you to work with a therapist so that you understand how you could be sabotaging yourself.

7. Enjoy relationships sex-affective without obligation

There is nothing wrong with enjoying sexuality without compromise and regardless of the schemes of romantic love. Being single can be a great opportunity to develop your seduction skills and get other people to participate in them.

Of course, remember that if you do not shed your prejudices and do not dare to leave your comfort zone when it comes to meeting people, your way of enjoying this aspect of life will be limited.

Practice seduction when you are single. This does not mean that you are in a relationship.

If you can’t be happy single, you can’t be happy in a relationship

If you need to be with others to feel satisfied, you will seek happiness in things outside yourself, over which you have no control. Too means that you need others for your happiness, which forces you to hold on and do things you wouldn’t do.

This problem has great consequences. For example, one study found that fear of being single predicts settling for less in relationships. In this case, the fear of being alone influences people to make bad decisions.

That said, we advise that work on your own happiness being single. Don’t expect others to come fill that empty that only you can fill.

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