7 medicinal plants that help you overcome stress

Stress has become one of the great contemporary evils. Actually, we all go through stress situations from time to time. It is the way the brain and the body respond to an internal or external demand. So, in principle, it is a state that is part of the normal and expected functioning of the human body.

The problem comes when stress is felt very frequently or for long and continuous lapses. When this happens, a whole series of alterations occurs in the body as in the mind. These can become so serious that they reduce the quality of life.

One of the great risks involved in stress has to do with its consequences in the medium and long term. It becomes a factor that promotes and intensifies other mental pathologies and physical. Many of the most common diseases are caused by continued stress.

The complex paths of stress

Stress becomes a chronic problem when it is prolonged or occurs permanently. Left unchecked can reduce the quality of life.

Stress becomes a chronic problem basically in two cases. The first, when the stressful stimulus persists, as well as exposure to it. The second occurs when the stimulus is so strong that the stress remains even when the trigger has disappeared.

As a result, the body tends to undergo several changes. He has to prepare for the defense and focus on it. To achieve this, it simultaneously depresses the functioning of the immune system, the digestive system, the reproductive system and the mechanisms of sleep.

Over time they begin to see a series of effects on physical and mental health. The response to that continued stress is different in each person. However, it usually results in digestive problems, frequent migraines, insomnia, irritability and infectious problems.

Stress can be prevented by maintaining good mental hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Also, if you realize that you are very stressed, you can go to some medicinal plants that, surely, will help you improve your emotional state. These are some of them.

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1. Melissa or lemon balm, a plant against stress

The properties of melissa can help relax the nervous system to control anxiety and stress.

Melissa, also called lemon balm, It is one of the most used medicinal plants to combat stress. It is very suitable for those moments when you feel a lot of restlessness or nervousness.

This is because has the property of relaxing the heart muscle and, in this way, it restores the normal rhythm of the heart. It can be taken in infusion, two or three times a day.

2. St. John's Wort

The Mexican Academy of Neurology published a study in which it shows that the herb of San Juan It is suitable to combat the states of stress, anxiety and nervousness.

It seems that It has 12 biologically active components that help to reassure. The most important of these is hyperforin, a sedative substance.

3. Valeriana, a classic for stress

Valerian is one of the most popular medicinal plants. It is used to treat the states of nervousness and, in particular, insomnia. This plant helps to decrease brain activity, as well as to slow down the heart rate.

It is very important to note that this plant should not be combined with the ingestion of antidepressants or anxiolytics, as it could be dangerous. It is also not recommended to consume it for more than two continuous weeks.

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4. Ginseng, a natural anxiolytic

There are several species of ginseng and each of them has different properties. American ginseng is the most suitable to combat stress, since the Asian has stimulating effects that are more suitable for depressive states.

This wonderful herb is considered an "adaptogen", that is, a substance that helps the mind to withstand the pressure. It also has positive effects on intellectual abilities.

5. Chamomile

The infusion of chamomile helps to calm the nerves and accelerates recovery in cases of stress and anxiety.

Chamomile is one of those plants that can be considered a mobile pharmacy. It has multiple beneficial effects on health. One of them is its sedative effect.

It is highly recommended to take it in infusion, hopefully accompanied by apples or ginger. It is also advisable to take a bath with chamomile water to relax your muscles.

6. Linden or lime, another popular plant

The linden is a medicinal plant used since time immemorial to calm the nerves. It has a sedative effect on the nervous system and is also ideal for combating insomnia.

Linden is also very appropriate to treat problems derived from nervousness, such as indigestion and headache. It can be taken as an infusion, as a tisane, or make a bath of immersion in water with this herb.

7. Other herbs against stress

There are other medicinal herbs that are effective in fighting stress. For example, the Gingko Biloba, a plant that became famous because it was the only one that survived unharmed at the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

Lavender, on the other hand, is used to treat all kinds of nervous problems. Meanwhile, the Luisa Herb is very advisable for insomnia; rosemary, hops and maca are magnificent sedatives.

Are you going through a crisis because of stress? Remember that good management is key to avoid affecting welfare. Therefore, try to improve your habits and try these natural remedies.