7 easy ways to make digital detox every day

The digital era has brought many benefits that we would never have dreamed of a few decades ago, but it has also brought a series of problems that we have to deal with daily. We all run the risk of developing bad habits in our way of relating to technology, and addiction to it is very real,

To combat their excessive presence in our lives, follow these steps and, little by little, you will learn to make a digital detox that will help you be more connected to everything around you.

1. Leave only the necessary applications

To achieve this, ask yourself: how many applications do I have on my phone that I really need and use regularly? Usually, there are only a few. However, many of us have our phones full of apps that we almost never use and will not use in the near future.

Eliminate unnecessary applications: you will save space, improve the performance of your phone and have fewer distractions.

2. Limit the time in front of the screen

During the day, limit the time you spend in front of the screen. If you can't spend hours and hours away from your phone because you need it for your work or for some similar reason, remember to leave it at least every 10 minutes and focus on something else.

These small checks to the cell phone add up considerably throughout the day. If you limit them, you could even end up having more free time to enjoy more offline activities such as cooking, reading or walking.

3. Applies free phone hours

If you have a problem getting away from the screen, then you need to set some strict limits. A good idea is to start with a realistic rule, such as turning off the phone after a certain time of night and not turning it back on until after breakfast in the morning. Gradually, spending time away from the phone will become easier and easier.

4. Limit notifications

Notifications can disrupt your concentration and even limit your productivity. Limit the possibility of this happening by entering the settings and disabling notifications of unnecessary things, such as social networks and unwanted emails.


It is not necessary to have the screen at the maximum brightness level all the time. Reduce the brightness of your phone and computer screen to the lowest level whenever possible, or activate the settings that control it automatically. In addition to protecting your eyes, you will improve battery performance.

6. Keep the phone out of the room

Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation when turned on. Therefore, sleeping with the phone next to you, especially near the head, will expose you throughout the night.

Activate the "airplane mode", turn off the device, or simply keep it out of the room completely to protect yourself.

7. Dim the blue light

All the time we spend watching the screens can cause serious eye strain, and long-term exposure to blue light could even cause damage to the cells of the retina and cause vision problems.

There are lenses with blue light filters to protect your eyes when you use the screen. This may be an alternative you want to explore. On the other hand, some devices have the option of eliminating blue light tones.

While it is possible for you to get used to warmer tones, it is a perfect solution for those who are not interested in the idea of ​​blue light filter glasses.

And you, what do you do to avoid spending so much time with the phone? Tell us in the comments.


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