7 common beliefs about breast cancer that need to be clarified

Breast cancer is the most frequent in women. However, if it is detected in time, it has great possibilities of healing.

Self-examining the breasts to detect possible anomalies is one of the prevention tools that we can apply at home, but the control and medical check is essential.

The information, in addition, is also fundamental. The word "cancer" arouses much fear. We live in times where the excess of information can lead us to be, paradoxically, more uninformed.

These are some common beliefs about breast cancer that need to be clarified.

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Although rays are used in mammography, the dose is very low. Therefore, the study does not cause cancer in itself.

2. Self-exam at home is enough to detect breast cancer

As we said before, self-examination is another tool, but it does not replace studies.

3. If I notice a lump is because the cancer is already advanced

There are tumors that are not palpable because of their location. That is why it is important that you go to the doctor before the appearance of a nodule or lump, secretion of blood by the nipples, changes in the color of the skin, redness, retractions or dimples, or any other unusual sign.

4. If there is lump and hurts it is cancer

This is an error Many times the pains in the breasts are produced by hormonal changes. That's why pain is not always explained by the presence of cancer. Also, in the beginning, the disease does not produce symptoms. That is why it is so important to perform regular check-ups.

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> 5 If there is cancer, then I will have to remove my breasts

If breast cancer is detected early, it is not necessary to perform a mastectomy. This is indicated only in some particular cases, such as when there are large tumors, but it is not a rule.

6. Oral contraceptives harm the breasts

Contraceptives by themselves can not cause breast cancer, although they can change the risk for some women, depending on their family history.

7. If I give the breast I will not have cancer

Although having children before age 30 and breastfeeding decreases the risk of breast cancer, it does not guarantee that the disease can not appear.

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