7 best destinations to celebrate graduation

Nothing is more fun than celebrating graduation with a trip. There are thousands of cities to choose from. Discover several options that you will love.

Last update: September 29, 2021

Achieving an academic goal is among the most memorable moments in a person's life. Of course, such a special occasion cannot go unnoticed. Many doubt whether to choose a party or a trip to celebrate graduation.

The decision depends on the taste of each one. Both options have their pros and cons. A party tends to be a lot of fun, but it happens in just a few hours. On the other hand, a tourist walk is longer and will allow you to see incredible places.

Advantages of choosing a trip to celebrate graduation

The list of the benefits of a trip is enormous. Here we present some of them and they are the following:

  • It is a special way to close a stage.
  • You share thoroughly with family or friends.
  • You release negative emotions, exhaustion, worries.
  • It is a way to recharge energy for what is coming.
  • It is a great opportunity to discover new things and places.
  • Contact with different cultures enriches in every way.
  • You can meet people who could become great friendships and job opportunities.

Destinations to celebrate graduation

The world is full of magical, quirky, colonial and modern places. There are thousands of cities or towns that are worth visiting for their landscapes or architecture, but also for the warmth of their people. Here we leave you some options.

1. Venezuela

Venezuela is a privileged country for its variety of regions. If your weakness is the sea, Margarita Island is a destination par excellence.

Its castles, temples and crystal clear waters leave more than one dazzled. It is perfect for practicing water sports such as kitesurf and the windsurfing. In this order of ideas, other places that fall in love are the beaches of El Agua, Zaragoza and the island of Coche.

For its part, if you are looking for a true adventure, Canaima National Park will leave you speechless. Among its tepuis stands the Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, measuring 979 meters.

In Mérida, one of the Andean states, there are historical, theme and colonial parks worth visiting, such as the following:

  • The eaves: Inspired by the 1930s, with teenage tour guides.
  • The Venezuela of Antier: one of the widest. Relive the time of the dictatorship of the 1920s and conquer with the typical food of all the Venezuelan states.
  • Grandfather's Dreams: it has houses, temples, shops, furniture and everything in its interior in miniature. It's magic!
The Angel Falls of Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world, almost a kilometer long.

2. Colombia

In Latin America you have a safe stop in this nation recognized for producing the best coffee in the world. In this sense, the Coffee Axis is an economic route, where the National Coffee Park stands out.

Equally, San Andrés is among the favorite destinations of young people, who usually get together with their companions to undertake an excursion on this paradisiacal island, where they can enjoy an extraordinary sea with seven colors. There are hotels, an aquarium, and endless activities created for recent graduates.

Likewise, Cartagena, being one of the oldest towns in Colombia, is distinguished by its history. There is no doubt that visitors are delighted with the tourist center of the coast, its modern areas and the typical colonial areas. The walled city boasts flower-filled courtyards, balconies, and tiled roofs.

3. Mexico

Referring to the Aztec country is talking about Cancun, a city with beautiful beaches with low waves, tourist centers, a nightlife that does not stop and fun. Tickets and tour packages tend to be very affordable, due to their popularity.

Tulum is another great destination for foreign tourists for its turquoise beaches and bohemian atmosphere. Not to mention Cozumel, an island in the Riviera Maya that has a beach called El Cielo, whose blue waters allow you to see the sea stars up close.

Mexico City has to be on your list too. It is interesting to walk through the house of the unforgettable Frida Kahlo, climb the pyramids of Teotihuacán, ride in air balloons or visit emblematic areas such as Polanco and La Roma.

The magical towns, that is, with great cultural and historical value, are a very good choice to celebrate graduation. Although they keep their country and rural infrastructure, they have nothing to envy to the big cities in terms of comfort.

4. Dominican Republic

The tropical environment of Punta Cana will make you unload academic stress and the pressure that we all live in that final stretch. The excursions are great, as are the food, the parties and the hotels.

5. Peru

Impressive! So are Machu Picchu and the Inca ruins in Lima, the capital of Peru. There you can taste desserts such as ice creams, traditional dishes and even the most refined menus.

6. United States

Orlando theme parks are a world reference. Generally, they are associated with the youngest children, but the reality is that they are made to share with the whole family and friends, regardless of age.

The illusion, interaction and laughter will be felt in any of them:

  • Magic kingdom: it will fill you with nostalgia.
  • Epcot: you will live a journey through the world.
  • Animal kingdom: great for those with a passion for the wild.
  • Hollywood: a perfect place for moviegoers.
  • Mundo de Walt Disney: to relive childhood.
  • Universal studios: with fun roller coasters and games inspired by different movies.

For its part, New York is a metropolis full of modernity and endless spaces to discover. The statue of Liberty, Central park and Times square are recommended examples. Other fixed stops are the baseball stadiums and restaurants.

In this nation you can also point to Los Angeles (California), where there is a bit of everything. For the most beachgoers they are Venice beach and Santa Monica. Sports fans will be pleased with the Angel Stadium or with the Dodgers Stadium; while those who enjoy the cultural vibe will love walks through the Museum of Natural History or the Brea Tar Pits.

New York City attracts millions of tourists each year, being the classic example of the city that never sleeps.

7. Indonesia

An adventure in Bali is full of luxury, but the good news is that the prices are not sumptuous. There are inexpensive resorts with yoga classes and an exquisite gastronomy. It is an exotic place with rice fields, impressive vegetation, forests full of monkeys and jungles.

Ideas for choosing a good destination to celebrate graduation

There are thousands of places you could go. Follow these tips to make the decision easier:

  • Analyze what you want and to what destination would you like to travel.
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of that place.
  • Be realistic with the available budget. If you have little money, do not risk going to very expensive cities.
  • In case there is a person who suffers from any disease, rule out isolated places that do not have nearby medical assistance.

Important tips to organize the trip

Once you've chosen a destination to celebrate graduation, it's important to consider these suggestions.

Choose a leader

When traveling in a group, choosing a leader will save you a lot of headaches. This person will be the responsible face, will be in charge of looking for information, buying tickets, making reservations and ensuring every detail.

Plan and organize!

Most of the time, improvised things don't go well. Thus, it is essential that you look for all the destination options in advance, stay and transportation. Go one step ahead. Make reservations for the activities you want to do and the restaurants. Specify these aspects a month or two before the trip.

Set date

From the first moment You must set the start and end date of the trip to celebrate graduation. Based on that everything else is put together. Consider that in low seasons the expense tends to be lower and there may be more privacy.

Take extra money

Life is unpredictable. For this reason, we are not free to suffer an accident. Bring enough additional money to solve any unforeseen event Or, better yet, take out travel insurance to back you up.

Enjoy the experience of celebrating graduation!

Live the adventure of your dreams, express your emotions and make the most of this opportunity to celebrate a triumph. Recharge yourself with everything good to receive with the best disposition that new path that is in front of you. And nothing better than to do all this in the company of those who have been part of these years of formation, be it your family or classmates.

By the way, don't rule out ecotourism. A camping in natural spaces could not hurt you. Also think about a cruise on the Caribbean Sea. Ready for an unforgettable adventure? Live the!