6 tricks to eat less without starving

One of the great obstacles when it comes to wanting to lose weight is those "temptations" or "pecks" that we have between meals. While there are healthy ways to calm them down, we often choose snacks and unhealthy dishes. Do you want to learn to eat less without starving?

Although it seems impossible to you, actually There are several strategies that avoid excessive calorie intake without making you suffer. Next we want to share the most effective ones so that you have them in mind from now on.

1. If you don't see it, you don't eat it

One of the methods to eat less without starving is to avoid those foods that can be a temptation. If they are not in sight, they will be less likely to ruin the diet.

It may be the most basic advice, but the strategy of «What is out of sight stays out of the mouth», works.

It has been concluded that people who have permanent food at their disposal, they weigh about a kilo and a half more than those who had no food in sight.

If you need to chop something to eat less without starving, that are healthy foods and never in excess.

2. Size of plates and cutlery

Just as the dishes we use affect the size of the portions we eat, the cutlery can determine the amount we carry in the snacks.

We can eat less without starving if we follow this advice since we "cheat" the brain. The reason for this is that by being covered smaller, we will eat more slowly and in smaller quantities.

However, it is essential to chew food well. It is recommended to do 20 chews for each bite.

3. Eat near people who eat just like you

When eating out, it is often more difficult to control both the quantity and quality of food. This situation can generate some anxiety and moodiness for not being able to carry out the proper diet.

To avoid it and eat less without starving, we recommend that you feel close to the right diners. Close to those who eat less or who are also on a diet to face this situation more easily.

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4. Reward yourself

It is not about making a completely restrictive diet, but not about overdoing it. We can eat desserts or "prizes", as long as it is occasionally, in moderate portions.

The moment you start having a hard time dieting and eating healthy, meet your goal is in danger, your intentions to change the habits to lose weight will last rather little.

It is important that find a way to make these changes simple and awaken in you positive thoughts that encourage you to follow.

Many times we think that to lose weight it is essential to go hungry. The opposite is true. It is not necessary to go hungry. It's about eating in a healthy way and exercising.

In fact, if you increase your physical activity up to 4 days per week you can eat more food without the need to go hungry.

If you adopt this routine, you will see how you will lose weight and your motivation will increase considerably.

5. Drink more water to eat less without starving

Another very effective trick to eat less without starving is to drink a large glass of water before eating. This will make your stomach fuller and so calm the bug that makes it really bad when trying to lose weight.

Sometimes also It is helpful to drink water at a craving or uncontrollable urge to eat. In this way, the brain can be confused. Of course, avoid drinking water in excessive quantities, as it can be counterproductive.

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6. Serving size and color

The larger the dish the more you will fill it and more to eat without realizing it. TOTo fill a smaller plate, the brain is also deceived in a certain way and you fill up before. Therefore, to deceive the brain and eat less without starving, try not to fill a large plate.

Also, if they are small amount of food, fruit or any food, serve them in a bowl that is not light To deceive the brain, you will have the perception that you have eaten more food than there really was when you were in a heavy bowl or bowl.

On the other hand, in terms of colors, We recommend that you always use dishes of a color that contrast with the food What do you put in it? The reason for this is that the brain will take longer to send the feeling of satiety.

Also, keep in mind that red and yellow colors favor fast eating, so use colors that contrast but bring calm and calm.

In conclusion:

As you can see, eat less without starving is possible. If you carry out all these tips you will see how you will start losing weight without suffering so much. And remember, physical exercise is essential.