6 tricks to clean wallpaper walls

Different textures, bright colors and designs for all styles have made wallpaper a perfect decoration alternative for every home. Over the years it is normal for them to accumulate dust, dirt and stains, at which point the key question arises: how to clean wallpaper?

The answer varies depending on the type of product used. There are those that tolerate humidity and also those that require dry cleaning. Today we will teach you how to proceed according to each case and we will point you out several extra tips so that you do not end up spoiling the finish.

How to clean wallpapered walls

Broadly speaking, we can divide wallpaper into two categories: washable and non-washable. The latter can actually be washedIt just requires special care to avoid deterioration.

The following 7 tips will help you clean wallpapered walls and survive the attempt.

1. What does the manufacturer say about it?

The first thing you have to do is review the manufacturer's recommendations based on the type of paper used. Eco-friendly, textile, woven paper, non-woven and corrugated are just some of the best sellers. Each one demands a different maintenance, according to the humidity and the degree of friction it can withstand.

You can take a look at the manufacturer's suggestions on the box or go to the place where you bought it. You can also count on the help of a professional who, based on their experience, will guide you on what level of resistance your wall paper has.

Homes with young children often deal with the fact of drawings on the walls, which presents a cleaning challenge.

2. Use a feather duster

This trick works whether your paper is washable or not. In fact, is the first cleaning step, as over time its surface tends to accumulate dust. Make sure that the duster you use is 100% dry and do it with gentle movements and paying attention to irregularities.

This is extremely important: a fine tear can turn into a large opening if you are not attentive to where you are removing the dust. If you don't have a feather duster handy, use a dry cloth that is smooth in texture.

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3. Use a natural sponge

Not all sponges are useful for cleaning wallpaper without damage in the process. You should use a natural rubber one, perfect to remove dirt without leaving wet residue. If possible, consider purchasing one specific to the type of wallpaper on your wall.

When using it, avoid scrubbing with intensity. Use low pressure to prevent the paper from fading or deteriorating. If the paper is not washable, wipe it dry; if it is, then wet it only superficially. Use lukewarm water in the latter case.

4. Remove stains with an eraser

A very useful trick to remove stains from wallpaper that are concentrated only in one place. Fingerprints, grease and other marks can be removed with the help of a white eraser. Get one whose structure is soft and the shape allows you to remove the stain with the least contact.

This cleaning tool can be supplemented with a commercial cleaner. Use one that is non-toxic, includes the least amount of chemicals, and preferably is wallpaper specific (non-corrosive).

Apply two or three drops, so you can assess the result without major damage. If the paper is not washable, just use the eraser.

5. Apply a little vinegar

Vinegar is a home remedy widely used to clean all types of surfaces. Although its use as a disinfectant is limited, it is of great help when neutralizing the bad smell. Over time it is normal for the wallpaper to acquire a particular smell.

This, of course, in case your paper is washable. You just have to replace the warm water by moistening the sponge with a little vinegar. If your wallpaper is non-washable, let the sponge absorb the liquid for 24 hours, wait for it to dry completely, and then use it on the surface.

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6. Use a bayonet if it gets too wet

When removing some stains, you may try to use a couple of extra drops of vinegar or water. If so, have a bayonet on hand to absorb the residual water as soon as you finish your work.

If the moisture remains for a long time, it can discolor the paper or permanently damage it. Gently press the bayonet on the wet surface and avoid scrubbing. After a few seconds remove it and repeat if there are still traces of liquid impregnated on the wall.

Vinegar is not just a condiment or a dressing. It can be used for household cleaning, even on wallpaper.

Cleaning wallpapered walls is a matter of patience

We conclude with a series of final recommendations that will help you clean wallpapered walls without making novice mistakes. Apply them so you don't have to completely renovate the wallpaper in your room due to bad practice:

  • Don't use the detergents you use daily. These are very strong and are not appropriate for the texture of the paper.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner as a substitute for the duster to speed up the process.
  • In case you don't have vinegar on hand, a dilute solution of baking soda and lemon works the same.
  • If you decide to use a mild detergent, first test in a secluded area to see if it stains the wall.
  • Avoid unnatural scouring pads.
  • Don't do the cleaning frequently; You could damage the paper even if you are careful. Do it only when its smell and appearance demand it.

Generally speaking, if you keep your home clean, your wallpaper will be too. Prevent dust from accumulating, close doors and windows to keep dirt out, and keep your pets clean.

Instructing your children not to mark the paper with crayons or pens is also a good idea. Taking these and other tips into account reduces the frequency with which you have to clean your wallpapered walls.