6 tips to recover muscle mass during de-escalation (and prevent gluteal and leg cellulite)

The return to sports practice has caused many to go out on the streets without a goal and prior organization to resume the rhythm of physical activity little by little, after confinement. The obsession to remove those kilos that we have taken from more in the quarantine, to disappear the dreaded cellulite or to get rid of the laziness of doing sports has become our maxim, whatever the cost. This has led to bad practices when running, the appearance of shoelaces, possible injuries … We must bear in mind that taking care of our muscles has to become a priority during de-escalation because our body has been a long period of time with reduced physical activity.

Muscles, bones and joints are the ones that suffer this breakdown and although we have been doing some physical exercise at home it is advisable to be cautious to avoid possible injuries , and take care of ourselves whether we are used to playing sports or not. Furthermore, having been forced to reduce physical activity may have had an effect on their "oxidation" and on the appearance of muscle contractions due to bad postures … How do we notice that our muscle mass has decreased?

Experience a feeling of weakness in the extremities and greater difficulty in performing basic movements they are two of the most striking alarms. But we have good news! why regaining muscle mass by "disuse" is easily reversible with specific exercises and increased protein intake.

Why is it possible that you developed cellulite during quarantine?

Where we really notice the decrease in muscle mass is in the arms and legs, which can also lead to the appearance of the dreaded cellulite. And is that being overweight, fat gain and the appearance of cellulite are inevitable after weeks of inactivity. Of course, there is a high hereditary percentage that can trigger its appearance, but some of the factors that most influence are:

– The lack of exercise or sedentary lifestyle, exactly what has happened to many during this almost month and a half of confinement.

– A improper diet: excess calories leads to an increase in fat cells. The increase in salt in meals that can cause fluid retention or edema and further aggravate the condition.

The stress: Although it seems like a lie, stress is the cause of many of our problems in life. Tensions make circulation difficult and at the same time make it difficult to remove waste.

– The alcohol and tobacco: We add toxins to our body, resulting in poor blood circulation, in the case of cigarettes, and an incorrect purification of waste materials, in the case of alcohol.

– The hormonal changes, a Bad circulation or long standing, or sitting, are other factors that directly influence the appearance of cellulite.

6 tips to recover muscle mass and return to activity in a healthy way, according to the experts in collagen supplements from Laboratorios Ordesa

one. Respect the rules established by the authorities: avoid places where there may be crowds, go out to do sport individually or with people with whom we are living, maintain social distance and use a mask whenever possible.

2. The importance of stretching: perform slow, controlled joint movements before and after practicing exercise. The joints most prone to injury and that we should take care of the most are: shoulders, neck, trunk, hip, knees and ankles.

3. Relaxation after physical activity: it is essential for good muscle recovery.

Four. Unloading massages: help reduce the risk of injury, prepare the muscles for a good recovery and improve circulation. We can do them ourselves at home with a sports massage cream.

5. Caring for the diet: a balanced diet and an extra supply of high-quality protein will help us recover our muscles: lean meats, fish, eggs, milk or milk derivatives, legumes … And calcium is also essential to take care of your bones. In addition, a healthy diet will favor the prevention of the appearance of cellulite and it is recommended to always drink at least a liter and a half of water a day.

6. Do not try to perform as well as before confinement on the first day. At least you must be 3 or 4 weeks of adaptation to fully recover your physical form. Much encouragement!

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