6 tips to overcome colds at home in a natural way

In this article we share 6 tips to overcome colds at home in a natural way. We can help alleviate these viral infections with some simple guidelines, home remedies and, above all, rest and rest.

Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract causes many discomfort and discomfort during these days. However, these tips will help us reduce symptoms and accelerate the healing process.

6 tips to overcome colds at home in a natural way

1. Antibiotics should not be taken

First of all, we must clarify that the catarrh is a viral infection and, therefore, It would be useless and even harmful to take antibiotics. These are meant to treat bacterial infections.

The main symptom of catarrh is the inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. This can affect the nose, throat, trachea, larynx, sinuses and even the ear. Therefore, the remedies or drugs that we will take will focus on the relief of these discomforts.

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2. What remedies are effective?

There are foods with beneficial properties to overcome colds naturally, either for its antiviral effects or to relieve symptoms.

Some natural remedies can help us overcome colds at home. There are medicinal foods that stand out for their antiviral, decongestant or expectorant properties which can be very useful:

  • Ginger: Expectorant remedy that, in addition, contributes a lot of heat to the body to favor the elimination of the infection.
  • Garlic: Raw garlic is a potent remedy to fight viruses.
  • Ceylon Cinnamon: This spice is expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral.
  • Lemon: Relieves congestion.
  • Cayenne pepperAlthough it is a very spicy remedy, in small quantities it strengthens the immune system and fights congestion.
  • Honey bee: Relieves cough and facilitates the expulsion of mucus.
  • Licorice: It has expectorant, antitussive, antiviral and demulcent (protective of mucosal) properties.

3. Hydration is essential to overcome colds at home

To overcome the colds at home is essential to stay well hydrated. Also, this simple advice will help us to thin mucus and, therefore, to relieve congestion.

In addition to drinking water we can also take infusions of the medicinal plants that we have mentioned in the previous point. We can also opt for soups and homemade fruit and vegetable juices.

4. Keep the airways moist

We can use the vapors to help thin the mucus and relieve the symptoms of the cold.

Another tip to overcome colds at home is to keep the airways moist. In this way, we prevent dry cough and throat irritation, among other benefits.

One way to achieve this is to use an ambient humidifier. Some even give us the possibility of adding essential oils, in which case we can choose essences of eucalyptus, lemon, pine or oregano.

Another option would be the realization of respiratory vapors to open, clear and humidify the respiratory tract directly. Through the eucalyptus fumes, for example, we can get immediate relief.

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5. Rest and rest to overcome colds at home

The cold is also a sign of our body, by which, it asks us for a rest. A cold can pass without any seriousness as a cleansing process of the body, as long as we follow these tips.

If we force ourselves to serve by working or maintaining our usual routine, the only thing we will achieve will be to worsen the symptoms and lengthen the catarrh. Further, We are at risk of complications.

Dedicate yourself these days. Prepare medicinal infusions, wrap up well to avoid temperature changes and rest what the body asks. Avoid leaving home and any toxic habit.

6. Should we go to the doctor?

In case of special risk groups or the presence of complications of the symptoms it is strongly recommended to go to the doctor.

Finally, it is important to know When should we go to the doctor if we suffer from colds?

  • If the one who suffers the cold is a patient with potential risk as children, pregnant women, elderly people or those suffering from any disease.
  • If we feel too difficult to breathe.
  • If the mucus that we expectorate changes color, instead of being whitish.
  • If we feel pain or discomfort in the ears.
  • If the fever is higher than 39 ° C, lasts more than 4 days or reappears after it has disappeared for a day.
  • If we have more symptoms than those of the cold or feel great discomfort.
  • When the cough does not go away with the passing of days or is too strong.

With these simple tips we will overcome the colds at home while allowing a rest to our body. The medicinal foods and some remedies will help us to be well in a few days.