6 scarf wearing tips for men

A garment that cannot be missing in your wardrobe in winter time. Here are some tips for using the men’s scarf! Do not miss them!

Last update: November 24, 2021

Winter arrives and with it the changes in the wardrobe to protect themselves from the low temperatures. Speaking of fashion, a winter garment that cannot be missing in the men’s wardrobe are scarves, which in addition to offering the warmth so necessary in these times, provide elegance, sobriety and style. Don’t miss this men’s scarf wear tips guide! Keep reading!

The usefulness of the scarf and its history

The scarf is a garment that is characterized by being long and narrow. In general, it is made of wool or silk and serves to shelter areas of the body such as the mouth and neck.

It arose in ancient Rome and was called shroud of Oviedo. Unlike its current use (to protect itself from frost), it was used to collect sweat from the face and neck. The same in Egypt. In China, these handkerchiefs distinguished the rank of soldiers. Then they became fashionable in France and England.

In the 19th century its use was modified. Sweat was no longer collected with it, but was used to protect against the cold in the winter time. In principle, they were worn by women; later, men adopted them as a fundamental accessory.

Scarf Wearing Tips for Men

The scarf is, perhaps, the most striking garment to highlight the outfit Men’s. It is the ideal complement to clothing and will never go out of style.

However, some men pay very little attention to their clothing. Here we give you some tips so you can learn how to wear it, the styles that are in trend, how to tie it and even how to take care of it when washing. Take note!

The cold season is ideal for wearing scarves.

1. Use neutral colors in men’s scarves

Neutral colors are very good for men like black, navy blue, beige and gray. These are usually ideal for looks formal. In this case, for a work meeting, a business dinner or simply to go to a well presentable place.

If the date is semi-formal, you can add earthy colors, such as yellow or shades of brown and oranges. The white color is rarely worn, as it is not the best option in scarves for them. You can also use patterns, especially on special occasions, such as parties or Christmas celebrations.

2. Learn how to wear your men’s scarf in style

If you have already chosen the colors of your preference and how to combine them with your shirt or sweater and pants, now you have to learn how to put on the scarf and wear it with style. This outfit takes different forms.

Choose one that suits your taste and needs. In the following list we present a variety of uses for men’s scarves:

  • Place the scarf on the shoulders. You can integrate it to the rest of your look. You pass it around the neck and let it fall, without ties. The ends will be loose and hanging in front of your chest. If you decide to wear it like this, make sure there is a good combination in your outfit.
  • You have the alternative of wearing it in a casual way, with a knot in the front or on the side; not very elaborate, but rather informal. Opt for fine fabrics or scarves that are quite narrow so that, when making the knot, it is as delicate as possible.
  • Roll it around your neck and you put the rest of the fabric inside your shirt or coat. Would you take her like sweater High collar.
  • It is possible to carry it over the shoulder. Thick, warm fabrics work best for this. It’s like carrying a blanket: you fold it in half and rest it on one shoulder.
  • Hang it back over your shoulders. Both ends will be left to the back. Tie a knot in front.
  • If you want to keep warm, roll it up double and wipe it twice around your neck. Of course, try not to make the fabric too thick.

3. Tie it the right way!

The European knot is the favorite for men; the most common, easy to do and the one that provides the most elegance. To do this, stretch the scarf, fold it in half, place it behind the neck, leaving the unfolded end longer. Next, insert the unfolded end into the loop you created on the other side and tighten. This knot is suitable for all occasions and events.

For its part, we also have the double loop, which consists of giving it two turns on your neck. For that, you place the scarf on your shoulders, take one of the sides and twist it twice without having to tie a knot. Ready!

4. Buy thick fabric scarves to protect you from the cold

What fabrics should you buy? Materials such as wool and yarn are essential. Being a warm outfit, the best is wool, which covers very well and absorbs moisture. Therefore, it offers greater comfort in cold weather, helps to trap air and forms an insulating layer.

Great designers use wool for their garments more chic. Chunky scarves are ideal for covering yourself when the temperature drops below zero. If your environment is warmer, go for those made of yarn, which are cooler and easier to knot.

5. Look at your anatomy!

It is worth mentioning that the way the scarf is used in men and the type of fabric to be used will also depend on the neck. If you have a short or narrow neck, they will favor the finest threads. If, on the other hand, you are a man with a long neck, whatever you wear will be good for you. Stylized collars show off everything!

6. Wash your wool scarves by hand

Although wool has many properties, such as being a thermal insulator, its disadvantage is that it deteriorates easily if we do not know how to treat the garment well. The constant rubbing with the body or objects and the bad washing can disheveled the threads.

Experts recommend washing the scarf by hand, with non-abrasive products. That way, you can keep it much better. You see that these are not just tips for using the scarf for men; you also have to know how to take care of it.

If possible, use delicate laundry soap and warm water. Soak the scarf, shake the water for a minute, and then let it soak for 10 more minutes; rinse with warm water again, without soap; rinse again to remove the foam completely, squeeze and let it dry.

The scarf is not always for the cold. It is sometimes used to complete an outfit.

Feel at ease and pleased with the scarf you wear

Wear a scarf of one type of fabric or another, of a certain tone, patterned or unicolor, and the way to show it on your neck, it will always depend on your preference, that you feel comfortable, at ease and pleased with what you wear. With these men’s scarf wear tips, dare to look stylish and spectacular this winter!

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